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  1. I have tags colored in Windows 6.25 and would love to see Windows10x and all IOS apps be able to show those like 6.25 can! I use these extensively and its useless in the IOS apps where I view my notes when traveling.
  2. Oh my gosh! THank you! I didn't even realize this was an issue until I upgraded to 10 and found notes opening to the web. I have reverted back to 6.25 and was trying to figure out why some notes have the evernote.... and others https.... Now I can fix them before I upgrade to Evernote 10. Thank you thank you. I wish this bug was fixed, but I thankful now that i can fix the links I have (the show up green for local, blue for web by the way).
  3. They were https:// But note they were all created in version 6.x as INTERNAL links. They should all work the same. Found too many bugs in 10.5 Going back to 6.25
  4. When my internal links do work, they open to the note in the right hand screen, but in the middle screen where we can select cards or snippets, in 6.x the note would also be highlighted in that list and on the bottom of the screen. Now that view is always on the first note in the notebook. With thousands of notes in a notebook, this is basically useless, since to see the next note in the list, I have to scroll down the list just to find the note I am in.
  5. I create links from note to note using internal links on all my todo lists, so I literally have thousands of internal links in EN. About 80% of them are now opening to the website instead of to the note on my computer. Is there no global way to tell them to open to the internal link other than deleting the current link, and recreating it? This basically makes all links I created in the earlier versions useless!
  6. I agree, updates should not automatically happen. What if I opened to check something, then wanted to get on a plane? I can't stop the update, because frankly, I'm not even sure it is still happening.
  7. Evernote opened and said it needed to download new version. Fine. But there was no status bar telling me it was ready to install. Finally it told me it wanted to install and would restart Evernote. Again no status bar. Evernote won't open, so I assume it is still updating. But without the status bar I don't know is it still working? DId it encounter an error. Did it install, but not open. There is literally no indication that software is being updated on my machine.
  8. Yes, I hope so, It's certainly not hard to replicate. For now I have been removing them from notes where I have large blocks of text. I am a genealogist so I have lots of wills and deeds in Evernote. The scrolling back and forth makes me car sick. And only using them for my To Do list notes where the text doesn't have to scroll.
  9. Jeff, Yes, it is definitely a bug, just don't know how to get Evernote to fix it. I do not have time to beta test or walk them through complicated gyrations to get them to see that it is a bug. I am not trying to be mean, but I have beta tested software before, so I know the kinds of things developers need and I don't have that sort of time any more. The width should either hold the same as the window you are using or ideally read the width of the screen you are using and adjust to that.
  10. Yeah, me neither. It would be nice if it recognized the width of the note on different devices and corrected automatically like images seem to be able to do. I'd like it better if it defaulted too small over too large which needs to be scrolled to see all the text.
  11. I agree it SHOULD be fitting the window, however even you just close out of EN and reopen, it MAY or MAY not still be the same width. I really think this is a bug. Why have a ONE TIME function?
  12. Color is not a one time change. Not only does it stay that color in Windows, but it also is that color on my Iphone and ipad.
  13. Thank you Jeff. The problem is, just closing out of EN and reopening without any window changes is enough for it to lose the setting. It's driving me bonkers, because I want the text to be all on the screen with no scrolling. Each note has two text boxes (set to width of window) and an image (sometimes more). The images work fine, but the text has to be scrolled every time to read it all. Looks like it's a bug to me. I had no issues with tables before EN decided to add formatting to them. They haven't worked right for me sense. I tried using BLOCK CODE, but it doesn't allow any formatting to add check lists or bullets, something I use in my tables on a daily basis. Thanks for the reply. I don't mind people stating they can or can't move to another forum. I understand that. But I have had responses in the past that state "this is in the wrong forum" with no effort at all made to answer the original question. I try and post to the correct forum, but I admit I do not follow the forums on a regular basis, so it's easy to not find the micro forum a post goes into.
  14. What exactly is this feature supposed to do? I select it every time I create a new table, yet if you resize the window (or try to view on the ipad) the text in the table never fits the size of the window. In fact, you don't even have to resize the window for it to resize itself so that text has to be scrolled to read. All I want it a box around text to set it off from other text and for that box to be the same size as the note window. I don't understand why that is so complicated.I am using both the latest version on Windows 10 and the latest version for the ipad. Images work perfectly, but not text typed into a table. Also if this is in the wrong forum, just move it. I need help with the program. Every time I try and ask a question, someone feels the need to tell me it's in the wrong forum, without ever actually taking the time to try and answer the original question.
  15. When coloring tables in Evernote version 7.5.5825, if I try and PRINT the note from WIndows 10, the note is always in Black and White with no background color for the tables. I tried straight to printer and to PDF. If I print the exact same note from my Iphone, it prints in color. Why can I not print in color straight from EN on my laptop?
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