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  1. 👋 Ahoy, We like Evernote, currently testing it out to see how well it can replace our current Team+Project Management tools. Tasks are essential to workflow, and they are cleverly used in Evernote, but there are a few simple things that should be improved so we can utilize them better. We noticed that with Checklists, we can add links to the items, but this is not possible with Tasks. We feel that tasks would be more useful if we could do the following. Add links, the same way we can with Checklists. (in the title and details field if one is created) Assign more than one assignee to the task. Details field. Sometimes there is a need to add more information to the Task, and not have to clutter the Task Title field. Hopefully this is a useful feature request. Fair Winds, Nord SEO
  2. Recurring tasks is something that will decide wether we can use this software or not. Running an SEO agency, we have a lot of recurring tasks. We prefer the way that Planyway+Google Calendar works. It is a perfect system. Planyway will auto-generate recurring tasks for us, that display in Google Calendar, and even the label colors are reflected in Google Calendar. Essentially, Evernote should do exactly what Google Calendar can do with recurring tasks. But Planyway in Trello, we've found to be the best task planning yet, however, we are in the market for using a new SaaS for our agency and teams. Is there a possible ETA for recurring tasks in Evernote?
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