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  1. I've moved between the App Store and direct-download version at various times in the past without an issue. That's not a guarantee of anything, because things might have changed, but the last time I did it I was able to just download the application from the Evernote site and overwrite the App Store version on my computer. Make sure Evernote, and the Evernote Helper are exited first. Perhaps someone else who has done it more recently might know of new issues. Do backup your offline notes, especially.
  2. I can't say how widespread this is but it is definitely not a universal problem. I'm having no issues with the web clipper on any browser under MacOS. Chrome, Firefox, Safari all working as expected on three iMacs and a MacBook Pro, all on Mojave. Doesn't mean there isn't a bug or an issue, just suggesting that it might be a lot more localized and limited than you're suggesting. Also, if you mention what you might have done to resolve the issue, there are a lot of experienced posters here who might be able to help you work it out.
  3. I'm not a fan of serif fonts either. I've got literally everything that can be set, set to sans-serif fonts (IBM Plex Sans is my current favorite for general-purpose screen usage). I'm probably wrong, but I think it's been largely shown that serif fonts are easier to read (at least, in printed form) because the shapes are more distinct, and that's probably why it is the default for the "reader"-type view. But I'd be much happier being able to choose my own. I guess I'll submit that as a feature request. There really isn't a need for it to be hard-coded, the clipper should be able to access the application preferences and use the fonts we've chosen.
  4. So, at least in my experience, the web clipper ignores the font selection in Evernote itself. The font choices in the application only affect what you type yourself. If you clip a page as "Article" it uses the fonts from the web page. If I clip an article from CNN, the fonts are a sans-serif, 18pt font that Evernote calls "CNN". But if you clip in "Simplified Article" mode, it uses a reader view, where the font changes to a Serif font, presumably because it was decided that was an easier font to read. As far as I know, this behavior is hard-coded and cannot be set by preference.
  5. For what it's worth, which is probably very little, the clipper works for me on 10.14.0 and now 10.14.1 (currently build 18B67a) without issue, on two iMacs and a new MBP. It works on both Safari 12.0.1 (14606. and Technology Preview Release 67 (Safari 12.1) I only mention that to suggest that the problem is more likely to be some local configuration issue or messed up preference file rather than an overall broken extension. It might be worthwhile to create a new account on your Mac and see if the clipper will work from there. That would narrow the problem down to a configuration issue, probably in Safari. Or you could just completely reset Safari on your live profile, but that might be extreme.
  6. That was the response I got, so on the one hand I'm glad they are apparently aware of it. On the other, I'm unhappy they broke it. I'm not going to disagree with any of the things you said, but man, despite those issues it is STILL hard to find a viable 100% replacement for Evernote. Lots of apps do some things better, but then don't do other things at all (or do them worse). Because I use virtually all of EN's functionality, it's been a real struggle to find a way off of it. I'm using Notion as well. It's pretty awesome so far, especially if one your goals is to make well-formatted pages easily. I've migrated a huge chunk of my EN notes over, and I should be done before m EN subscription expires. I like it much better than OneNote or even Bear, Notion is still a long way from feature parity with EN, unfortunately.
  7. It's working fine for me, Evernote and all other extensions are behaving normally. Apple isn't planning on stopping or breaking extensions per se, just that they want them on the App Store and have "broken" the ability to install an extension from a vendor website. I ran into that with one extension already, although I can't think of which, but it was also available on the Safari extension site, and it installed fine from there. The Evernote clipper is not available in the App Store currently, but is on the Safari Extensions site, and it will install from there properly. http://safari-extensions.apple.com I assume eventually the Safari extension site will go away and everything will be migrated to the Store.
  8. If the Evernote application itself is not being shown in Spotlight, that could be a Spotlight issue. Note indexing for Spotlight is done by a program within Evernote that has to make your notes readable by Spotlight...but that would not affect the ability to find the application itself. FWIW, I'm having the note indexing problem on 4 Macs (all Mojave) that seem to point back to the EvernoteSpotlightImporter bundle. Specifically, a code signature error is thrown by Spotlight's mdimport when trying to access EvernoteSpotlightImporter. I'm going to email support to see what might be up. I've removed and reinstalled the application, and reset Spotlight indexing on MacOS as well as reindexing within Evernote.
  9. Love is a strong word. I like the app because it lets me do two things that were harder to do before: 1. Write in markdown and get it into Evernote 2. Highlight code. A LOT of my notes are code. Previously I've used both Marxico and the EverMonkey extension for VS Code to handle my markdown/code highlighting needs, and they both work superbly for me. My issue with them though, is that they "lock" the note so it cannot be edited in Evernote any more, which is sometimes really inconvenient. This app lets me get my highlighting and/or markdown into Evernote without having to leave Evernote, and without making the note non-editable. Bonus: pre-defined text styles which I've always wanted Evernote to do. Its the only thing OneNote does that I like better than Evernote. I suppose it's a redundant feature if I'm using Markdown, but I'm not always using Markdown. The mechanism is not awesome, but it works. If you have a better solution for accomplishing the same things, I'd be interested in exploring it.
  10. This is pretty good. I've been using it for about 30 minutes. It covers my most common complaints about the editor (aside from the editor just being buggy); The absence of set styles, and code highlighting. Stays out of way, looks good, works as advertised. I have a single complaint or request so far: the fonts you allow me to choose in the styles, none of them are the fonts I actually use. Evernote lets me choose any font on my system, and I'm using the IBM Plex family. But EverTool only gives me a handful of default fonts. If a future version could just hook into the Mac font system, same as Evernote does, to display all the fonts available, that would be cool. Otherwise, great job!
  11. Yes, but I had to completely remove the existing Evernote before it would stop crashing. I used App Cleaner (because I'm lazy), it wipes out pretty much everything, so you're signing back in and re-syncing from zero. However, it isn't crashing yet, so that's fine. Side-list view has a gray vertical bar that jumps around as you scroll, seems like it's an artifact of the selection highlighting. That's all I've seen so far in terms of weirdness. To be fair, it's still syncing, so bad things could yet happen as it downloads all that data.
  12. You're welcome. The instructions are pretty sparse, as they were just to job my memory. If you run into any problems, feel free to ask.
  13. I do it every time, but I'm an IT pro and sometimes-developer, and I'm confident I can work around any issues that crop up. The betas have always been good to me, with very few show-stopping issues. The last two major releases, it's only been Evernote that's broken, and I have 3 alternate ways of getting to that (Windows VM, Wine, Web). As a rule, I do tell people to not do it though, unless they've got spare equipment. Just because I don't want them coming to me when things break.
  14. Sure, here's my Evernote on it. https://www.evernote.com/l/AAOg86gy6PNB0rUhYWsaLUzfAtCyRsKiIPc
  15. Something I should have mentioned in my earlier post: Evernote for Windows runs really well under WINE, and getting it up and running isn't hard. I'd forgotten that I did this the last time EN went through a crash-y phase, and re-discovered it a couple days ago, still set up. If the web version isn't cutting it for you, this might.
  16. For the last 60 days I've been using every note platform available to me (MacOS/iOS), mostly because I've had it in my head that it's time to abandon EN for a variety of reasons. I've spent a lot of time with OneNote because it's what we use at work so I'm already fully comfortable in it. I find OneNote's almost literal translation of the notebook concept to be overly complex, and generally a poor use of screen real estate. Syncing is (for me) slower than Evernote and most noticeable in iOS. Searching is worse than Evernote. EN supports more complex searching and tagging and - the big one for me - OneNote for the Mac does not integrate with Spotligh. So I have to open OneNote to search my notes, where with EN I can use Spotlight and get everything on my computer that matches my search, including the stuff in EN. It's worth keeping in mind that OneNote storage is limited. If you are using it totally free, e.g. no Office 365 subscription, you are limited by the amount of free space you have OneDrive. You get 5GB for free (right?), but if you've got other things stored on there, you might have considerably less space available for OneNote files. It's not both free & unlimited. Evernote is limiting you to 60MB of upload per month, but not capping your total storage, which could be better or worse than what MS is offering, depending on your needs. 60MB is a lot of notes, if you aren't regularly including files.
  17. I can confirm it is unusable. That's the price we pay for running beta OS's though. Using the web version for referencing stuff, and keeping all my current project notes in DevonThink. Always have a plan B :) I'll add this: Of all the apps I run, Evernote is the only one that broke for me, and it broke on both iOS (unusable) and macOS (crashes every launch). It makes me wonder what they're doing that makes just their software so unstable. Even other apps that do substantially the same thing, e.g. DevonThink, Bear, Notebooks and much more complex ones (Capture One, Photoshop) continue to run.
  18. Possible bug for 7.1b1: back to crashing every time the window is closed. Stopped doing this in 7.0.3, started again *immediately* upon installing 7.1b1.
  19. I have a paid account too, until it expires, and have basically since they opened their doors. I'm completely aware of the pricing plans, I'm not sure how that figures into my comment. I'm paying for software that, as far I can tell from the user end, isn't improving and is in the most recent releases, deteriorating (as I can now not close the window without it crashing).
  20. I'm not typically a poster here (obviously) but I just want to say this about your response. As a long time user (Evernote tells me I'm user 169,158), I really don't care about more interesting stuff. I'd like to see progress made improving the editor. I'd like my note lists to stop vanishing - which was reported multiple times during the betas (as others mentioned). I'd like releases to be rolled out that don't crash every time the window is closed (7.0, 7.01). Make some progress on those fronts, and I'll renew my subscription that I just now cancelled; because right now I can't understand why I'm paying more, but getting a product that isn't improving.
  21. Leanote (http://leanote.org) is rocking exactly the concept that would work for Evernote. I've been using it on and off during it's development, and it's quite capable with none of the often strange and awful formatting issues Evernote continues to have to this day. Edit and store in markdown, display in rendered HTML. I bet they could be bought for a pretty reasonable sum...
  22. I see that there have been multiple posts about Evernote and Markdown, some fairly long, but not much in the way of actual movement in that direction by the Evernote team. I totally understand the concern that most people don't know what markdown is (valid) and probably don't want to learn (maybe..it's pretty easy AND useful), not to mention the underlying changes it would require in Evernote's back-end, compatibility with existing notes, etc. A long time Evernote user (#169,158 according to them, and Pro for nearly all of it) I've always felt that the one thing Evernote did worst of all, was it's actual writing. It's syncing and sharing are fantastic, but making a note look good is time consuming, and sometimes I need my notes to look nice. Even predefined styles (Header 1, Header 2, etc) like what One Note does would make it easier. Markdown really solves the problem though, and has lots of other benefits. Anyway, if you aren't fully and overwhelmingly invested in Evernote, check out Leanote (leanote.org, demo at https://leanote.com) It looks and works very nearly the same, but fully supports markdown (including tables, TOC, code blocks, and I think syntax highlighting); file attachments, sharing...all the best stuff from Evernote. One of it's best features is that you have two buttons for starting a new note: New Note, or New Markdown Note. The New Note choice gets you a rich-text editor (more complete than Evernote's) while the other obviously gets you a markdown editor. Another winning thing: multiple nested notebooks can have the same damned name. So I can have a notebook named "receipts" inside "2015" and "2014" and "2016" notebooks without conflict, something EN still hasn't managed to pull off. Oh, and a great "Note Nav" button in every note that creates an automatic table of contents using headers/subheaders as topics, both in markdown and rich text. I just found it yesterday, and I'm seriously considering running it on my own server (it's open-source) and positioning it to eventually replace EN. The biggest drawback right now: small development team, so it's fragile to someone dropping off, and much of it's documentation is in Chinese without English translation. Probably NOT a good alternative if you can't run it on your own server, data hosted in China and all that... EN should give these guys a call and see about integrating their ideas. I'd (keep) paying for an Evernote that worked like Leanote does.
  23. For sure, the actual text editor is the worst part of Evernote. Its gotten to the point where if I need something to be formatted accurately and it's a little complex, I do it in markdown using something like Quiver 3 or Code, then copy/paste the preview text into EV. Please guys, stop reinventing this particular wheel. Go markdown and free up development time for more interesting things.
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