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  1. Who sent the message (was it from EN or Apple)? What version of Safari no longer supports the EN Clipper?
  2. The link supplied "On 10/8/2018 at 4:00 PM, Barry McBride," worked on OS 10.13.6 and Safari 12.0, just like yours steveb14. You actually did much more than I did to try to get it working (I didn't clear cookies or restart my Mac). Frustrating.
  3. I cannot locate the Web Clipper in the Extensions list for Safari 12.0 (High Sierra). When I menu to Safari>Extensions (which takes me to the App Store) and search for "evernote," the results show the Evernote application itself and a few plugins that integrate into Evernote (e.g. no Web Clipper extension (same result when I search for extensions containing "clipper"). Any suggestions as to what's wrong or how to locate and install the Evernote Web Clipper
  4. Thanks for responding so quickly. I believe I highlighted some text in a single post, one that was text heavy, graphics light, nowhere near big enough to account for the 20 Mb upload difference. I know I searched for contents of 2-3 posts during that time, none of which was edited. RAP
  5. Problem: I uploaded/synced less than 2 Mb of files this morning, but my account shows that I used 23 Mb of my upload allocation by doing so. Basic configuration: EN Basic, using EN on Mac (EN 6.8 on MacOS 10.9.5) and iPad (EN current for iOS 8.3), notes added almost exclusively via the EN web clipper. Explanation: In both Jan'17 and Feb'17, I hit my upload limit faster than I've experienced in the past. In Feb, I reached my limit mid-month, in spite of trying to upload pages that were mostly text (very few graphics). So, for the 2nd half of Feb, I created 10 notes on my iPad without
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