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  1. I'm not a fan on the new Evernote and have mostly migrated out of it, but this is not the current state of the software in general. Something specific is going on, on your system. I'm running it - albeit less and less, but still - on 4 systems (2 Mac, 2 Windows) and it's stable. Several other people in the office are running it without serious problems as well. Not trying to dissuade you, just wanted to let you know. If you liked it in every other way, the instability you're experiencing is probably fixable. Edit: bizarre typos
  2. Maybe this is one of those things that did not make it into this version, but just in case it isn't: Spotlight no longer turns up Evernote notes as results for me. Evernote is turned on a search location. Nice redesign, I think its a good overall advancement.
  3. I did, and I liked it a lot. I did not stay with it because it is SO complex, and I have a tendency to get sucked into the small details of managing my tasks, rather than executing them.Things is much simpler, and it prevents me from being bogged down in all the possibilities. The next version of Apple Reminders might actually replace Things for me, if they make a couple of small tweaks.
  4. My concern about Evernote have nothing to do with it going "belly up". My concerns are that the software has, for me at least, become less stable over time. Issues that came up with the release of MacOS last year are *still not resolved* this year, as we approach *another* macOS release that will undoubtably bring more issues with Evernote. The iOS client lacks what I would consider to be some basic features (tried to add a column to a table, for example?) and the web client, which is actually pretty nice, is laggy and inconsistent on a latest model iPad Pro. If one is not happy with what he gets, he should leave NOW for a better solution - it does not matter if EN is still around in a hundred of years, if it does not match my needs. I keep using EN because it is STILL the most powerful overall application of its kind. DevonThink is terrible for the kind of notes I take, despite being pretty well rounded otherwise. OneNote has the worst sync client of any of them, Notion needs a lot of evolution (despite its design being undeniably powerful). That doesn't mean that I can't also be concerned/annoyed/whatever when the software does not seem to improve, despite continually costing money. I'm not sure why there is so much defensiveness around the platform. It has problems, there isn't any treason in admitting that.
  5. The only reason I stopped using Evernote for task management was that I got hooked on Things 3. Its (for me) much faster to enter and organize my tasks, and more importantly re-organize them (dragging them into new orders as things change) which happens quite a bit because I'm handling multiple very different roles at once. I'm still looking for my next evolution beyond Things though, because it has some limitations that annoy me.
  6. I'm one of those geeks that really enjoys trying out new systems, methods, and software. Sometimes I have 3 different systems in play at one time. Right now I'm managing projects/notes/files using Evernote, Notion, and a simple directory structure with markdown files on OneNote. When I'm done with Notion, I'm going to move on to Devonthink since version 3 is available in beta. For to-dos, I'm using Microsoft To-Do, Things 3, and the new Apple Reminders (beta). I just really like tinkering, and luckily the nature of my job allows for it. But I'm also genuinely worried about the future of Evernote; for me its gotten less stable + more buggy in the last year. Problems that started with the last release of macOS & iOS are still not fixed, as we rapidly approach the next release. By trying out lots of different methodologies, I'm hoping to be prepared for a smooth transition if things are as bad as I currently expect them to be this fall.
  7. That's what I do too. Most of my tasks do not need complex notes or attachments, but when they do this is best way that I've found to do handle them. Best part is that this method is transferable to the task management app of your choice, which is important for me because I'm fickle and change apps a lot.
  8. The web clipper is now completely broken in the Safari Preview. Apple seems to have blocked all extensions that do not originate either in an app (for example the ToDoist extension) or the App Store. If you go to the Evernote web clipper download page, there is no longer any option to install it. If it is already installed, Safari notifies you that it has been disabled, and it cannot be re-enabled. This happened in the last Preview build (12.1 I believe), is still true in 12.2 (Release 83), and I expect it to go live in the next version of MacOS. I certainly hope Evernote is working on getting their clipper either integrated with the application, or on the App Store before then...
  9. I use PopClip, but I don't see where I can create my own styles anywhere. It supports the basics - bold, italic, underline - and I've got some plugins that do a few other things, but if I want to do something like automatically change the font or font size, there doesn't seem to be a plugin for that. That's why I ended up with Keyboard Maestro. At first I built the styles into KM, but I couldn't do code highlighting that way, so now I'm just using KM to cut and paste, and it calls the EverTool keystrokes in between. Bonus, it has a little floating menu that reminds me what the keystrokes are. PopClip extensions can be written in a variety of ways including AppleScript, so if you're familiar with that it might be easy to write something.
  10. If OP doesn't want to write AppleScript, you can trigger EverTool from Keyboard Maestro. It did not occur to me before that the EverTool key sequences were globally available. So in that case I'd use KM to select the current line and cut the text to the clipboard, then have KM send the EverTool key sequence for the desired format and paste the results. Easier than learning AppleScript if you don't know it, but at the price of paying for KM.
  11. I used EverTool for a few days, but the constant manually cutting and pasting was making me literally angry. I ended up buying Keyboard Maestro and just writing macros that select->cut->tranform->paste. It's not perfect, and it doesn't handle code highlighting, but it's a single key sequence for the the things I do most commonly (create header and sub-header styling). Unfortunately EverTool itself is not scriptable so I wasn't able to come up with a way of integrating it.
  12. Don't know if you solved this, but I experimented with Bear and came to the same conclusion you did. I ended up on Notion as a replacement, btw. Here's how I moved my notes from Bear to Evernote when I decided Bear wasn't ready for prime time. I selected the notes I needed to move, and exported them as HTML files. Opened EN, and dragged the HTML files into a folder in EN. Evernote won't let you import from the File > Import menu, except for .enex files, but if you drag the HTML file into a folder it will read it and import it. Everything came across for me. If you have images/attachments in Bear, you have to remember to click the "Export Attachments" option when exporting the notes. That will create a folder for your attachments, Evernote will follow the links in HTML to import them.
  13. Yeah, I've dropped back to a basic user as well, after being a paid EN user since release. I'm tired of updates that make things worse, and the utter lack of improvement in core functionality (e.g. the actual note editor, which still struggles to consistently format text). Maybe they'll find their footing again before I've migrated everything out, but I'm not hopeful. The entire team seems to have lost the plot.
  14. Never noticed that, but yup, it sure does. Maybe they're pushing Chrome, for the same reason that they only implemented an "attach from Google Drive" button, and not say, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  15. That confuses me. Ive had the cross-site blocking option turned on for a long as it's been an option. It's on now.The clipper works perfectly for me and installs without an issue as long as I get it from Safari Extensions page. Glad it worked for you all the same.
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