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  1. Yep, I also think it would be nice to get options, and set what exact "default" behavior do we need as a default. Some developers cannot fix it in a simple way, and they do a lot of things from scratch, to fix such issues on the websites. I do know guys that can help in such dev process ( https://www.talenteria.com/ ), cause they helped me a lot in my career site building process.
  2. onwingslikeeagles, well, I don't think it's actually a security problem. I think it's how cookie works. The same thing with win7x64. If you want to remove all the cookies you have (or just specific) - there are plenty of extensions, which can help with it. Talking of security things, here is an article I've recently found on the web ( this one: https://cybersummitusa.com/2020/04/how-coronavirus-helps-hackers-get-rich/ ), which explains how intruders and hackers can use covid quarantine in their forbidden business.
  3. It would be nice and pretty neat. There are dozens of mobile applications have such design of security page. It's been my idea as well, few months ago, and then I've asked a developer company which possesses itself like they are experts in creating your brand strategy and you know what, they've made a pretty nice and user-friendly design for our website.
  4. It would really cool if we could bind any command to any key we want, not just get some basic key shortcuts. It remembers me a time when we've started to cooperate with these medical app developers and they've done a telemedicine application for our business partners, and one of the main features our partners asked - is to implement hotkeys, so it would much easier to manipulate with application.
  5. Nice advice, thanks. And yes, PDFPen - is one of the best apps for highlighting any details in PDF files. There was a time, half a year ago, when I go going on vacation and I was simply download some ebooks in different formats for this. And maybe the only online library I could find which allowed me to download any book is this free books resource. It has huge amount of ebooks in it's database and gives any user a chance to download any of that book with no payments.
  6. The same issue with the latest iOS version, as a friend of mine says. Any advises how it can be fixed? Really I don't know, and maybe that issue in the top is not connected with malware problems, but I've been experiencing those problems on my own after my iOS device got infected with popup virus akamaihd. This great article ( url: https://macsecurity.net/view/51-rvzr-aakamaihdnet-popup-virus-removal-for-mac ) gave awesome tips how to remove such virus, and it helped in my case.
  7. I think developers should implement something completely new about it.
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