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  1. Hello, I believe there's a display issue with the way notes are outlined. Attached is a screenshot of the outline that appears once a note is selected within a notebook. If you look at the left most line, it clashes with the black background color of the side menu, making it difficult to see. I suggest that the line be moved over to the right a little to gain better clarity of that section of the note being selected. Note: I didn't add this to the feature requests section as I believe this may have just been added by the New Evernote Web experience a few days ago. My software information is listed below. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to reply. Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) Additional Notes: Using the New Evernote Web experience
  2. @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks for your reply. I searched for a similar posting under the suggestions section of the forum, but did not find this post. I'll be sure and add my upvote.
  3. Thanks for your reply. After looking at the url in the address bar, this conclusion makes sense, as the web page needed to obtain the query parameter dest to place navigation functionality within the Continue button. However, I have suggested (in a link above) that this page still seems redundant, as most browsers tend to have mulitple tabs.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I think that's a browser issue. - I decided to test this theory in the latest version of Firefox as well and ended up with the same results. I don't believe this page is actually needed at all, as it seems redundant. Therefore, I've added my request here: Remove the External Link Page
  5. Hello, Attached is a screenshot of the page that one sees when clicking an external link within the web client. My requests is to remove this page. I believe this feature may have been initially created whereas the user was navigated to the page within the same tab, thus warning them they would be removed from the application if they did not wish to be. However, each time I click an external link, I'm navigated to a new tab. I don't believe there is a browser today that doesn't allow for new tabs, therefore I would consider this page to be redundant and for the user to just be navigated to the link without a warning. My software information is listed below. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to reply. Operating System (OS): Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome Additional Notes: Using New Evernote Web
  6. Hello, When clicking an external link within Evernote, it shows a page that states you are leaving the Evernote application and navigating to another page. The link on this page is displaying incorrectly, as seen in the attached screenshot. Looking at the screenshot more closely, it seems symbols within the link area of this page are encoded (i.e. http://www.google.com is displaying the hexidecimal value of the colon and forward slashes). My software information is below. If you have any questions, feel free to reply. - onwingslikeeagles Operating System (OS): Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) Additional Notes: New Evernote Web
  7. Thanks for your reply. I'll remove this part of the request in an effort to gain more votes.
  8. Hello, I want to request adding an icon to identify the default notebook on the web client. I was attempting to delete a notebook, as I had reorganized all of the notes of out that notebook. However, it was later discovered that I couldn't because it was my default notebook. This was only discovered as the setting for deleting the notebook was blurred out (as seen in the screenshot below). There is no identification marker within the site to denote the notebook as the user's default. This should be placed within the list of notebooks and the notebook page itself, as the Windows client has this feature today. My software is listed below if you have any questions. Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) Additional Notes: Using New Web Experience - onwingslikeeagles
  9. Thanks for your reply. After researching what a default notebook is (seen here: How to change your default notebook), I believe this is the issue. I simply changed what notebook this is and the previously mentioned notebook was able to be deleted. However, after understanding this, I'm seeing several design flaws with this concept. Because a default notebook exist, it should not be able to be deleted; however, there is not an indicator within the application to state which notebook is the default. Therefore, when attempting to delete it, blurring out the option to delete the notebook (when the user doesn't know the aforementioned information) can be very confusing. There are some suggestions I have for this recently discovered feature, so I'll post them in the feature requests section of the forum.
  10. Hello, I've seen what may be an issue with the login security. I logged into Evernote and eventually closed the browser tab the application was in without closing the browser. Since the browser is still open, I attempted to log back into Evernote in another tab. Upon clicking the Log In button, I'm immediately logged back into my account without any credential prompts at all. For the record, if I close the browser entirely, it immediately prompts me for credentials upon reopening the browser for access. Here is my software information. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) - onwingslikeeagles
  11. Hello, I can not delete my notebook. I'm reorganizing my notes after adding stacks and realized that I added new notebooks and moved everything out of an old one. Therefore, I attempted to delete the old one and Evernote has blurred out the option to do so. Check the attached screenshot. The screenshot originates from attempting to delete the notebook from the list of notebooks screen. I have also clicked the notebook I'm trying to delete to navigate to its screen and the option to do so is still blurred out on that screen as well. Lastly, the option to delete a notebook is not blurred out if I choose one with notes in it. Therefore, I think the issue lies within an empty notebook. My software is listed below. Let me know if you have any questions. Operating System (OS): Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) Additional note: Using the New Web Experience - onwingslikeeagles
  12. @gazumped Thanks for replying. I'll take note of this moving forward. I have another security concern as well, so I'll login in a different thread. - onwingslikeeagles
  13. Hello, I've recently used the two-factor authentication and noticed what may be a possible issue. At times, I click the setting that states Save this computer for 30 days under the authentication code input and the website still asked me for a code the next time I logged on. To reproduce this issue, simply use the two-step authentication and click the computer setting on your next login. However, allow the browser to time your session out instead of clicking out of the browser to log out. Once you login again, you'll be prompted for the code. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, as the developers may have thought a person doesn't leave their personal computer up and any timed log outs are public PCs. This situation doesn't occur if you close the browser to log out. However, I tend to leave my browser tabs open at time on my personal PC because I'm organizing several items at once. My software information is located below. Let me know if you have any further questions to investigate the issue. - onwingslikeeagles Software: Windows 10 / Google Chrome browser (latest released version)
  14. Hello, I want to propose a suggestion for redesigning your security template on mobile devices. I recently decided to add security to my Evernote account on my mobile device. As I went through the prompt to add security, my workflow experience was not user friendly. By default, my device has a fingerprint reader, so I would instinctively want to use it for the protection of my application. However, upon choosing to secure my application, I was given a password prompt to enter, ignoring the option to use my fingerprint reader. I thought this was the only option available, until I finished the password prompt and was navigated to a settings screen that stated my fingerprint reader will be used as my default security option, independent of the fact that I was just made to enter a password. It seems very unnecessary for me to enter a password, given I am just using the fingerprint option. Upon choosing to secure the application, I would expect a security settings screen to appear, giving me the option to just use a biometric security mechanism without entering a passcode. Furthermore, the screen for the fingerprint unlock feature is not aesthetically pleasing. The application assumes it needs a passcode by default for security, so once the application is opened, a passcode screen appears, then the fingerprint reader popup appears in front of it. I believe the passcode screen appearing with the use of a biometric security mechanism is designed incorrectly. The passcode screen does serve as a security tool, covering a user's notes before an attempt to unlock the application. However, if it is known that a user has a biometric device, I would expect something simple such as a logo screen to perform this. My software and hardware information is listed below, in case you feel what's described is a specific issue to my device (though I believe it's a redesign issue). I've also attached the screen that I'm viewing once I'm prompted for a fingerprint reader for you to better understand my user experience. If you have any questions, let me know. Hardware: Pixel 2 XL Software: Android 10 - onwingslikeeagles
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