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  1. Is there anything at all that can be done with the issue of Conflicting Changes??? Please! This problem is getting worse - getting two or three conflicting notes at a time these days :-(
  2. Same here!!! I'm as frustrated and irritated as you are!!! I've been trying to sort out 3 'conflicting notes' for the past two hours!!!!! And like you, I have been asking on this forum when this bug will be fixed, but it seems nothing has been done and it seems to be getting worse.....never had three conflicts of the same note before - used to always be two. It would be good if someone would be able to let us know when (if ever) this bug is going to be sorted out.
  3. I was hoping the issue with 'Conflicting Changes' and the duplication of notes would have been fixed by now!! This has been going on for a very long time. Would be good if it could be sorted now.
  4. I've just received a notification that the old Evernote version I've been using is no longer going to be updated. But the whole reason I'm using the old version is because of all the bugs in versions 10 and above. I see there have been many complaints about these bugs, but I'd like to know if they have been fixed yet.....?
  5. Annotated a number of pages BUT the annotation summary cannot show more than 25 pages. Is this a limitation of the old version or is there something wrong?
  6. Thanks yes, I had to instal Legacy for that and quite a few other issues I'm having with version 10. My concern is that eventually I'll need to update, but worried about whether all these bugs will be taken care of in future versions......
  7. I'm not able to change the colour of the text in notes. There's the option of bold and italics, but no colour choice
  8. No intuitive memory for annotation in version 10.0 Each time I need to annotate I have to keep changing the option from large arrow to whatever I need - eg. thin line
  9. Template font size cannot be changed as a default from size 16 which is too large.
  10. The default font size in 10.0 is stuck on size 16 and there's no option to change the settings for the default to be what suits my work. Size 16 permanent font is too large - waste of space on the page/note and takes too long to read through a long note that has such magnified text.
  11. Bring back the colour wheel from version 7.14 please. This 10.0 has only the primary colours on offer. For my work, I have different colours for specific codes and names. No pink or purple or other important colours.
  12. This version has no intuitive spelling and no option to 'add to dictionary' or 'ignore all'. I work in the medical profession and this version doesn't recognise most words especially medical terminology. It underlines every word in red as if incorrect spelling, but gives not options to correct this.
  13. The Menu Bar Helper in this new 10.0 version does not work. I cannot drag files into this anymore. The work I do requires this function. Please fix this.
  14. I rely very heavily on the Annotation Summary Option and cannot do my work without that option. It's impossible for me to work without it. Please bring that option back.
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