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  1. You mean like breaking the 24-hour format that was previously available to myself and others who prefer it?
  2. It is staggering that such a basic user preference should be utterly ignored and unavailable. 😡 There isn't even a way to set a preference for the default note font. Get with it, Evernote!
  3. I would like Evernote to respect my system settings for time format. I dislike AM/PM and am used to the 24-hour time format; I would like my reminders to display according to my preferences (eg. 18.00 instead of 6.00pm).
  4. Update: CyberSec seems to be fixed, I can now enable it and still sync EN.
  5. I still haven't heard yet from support, however I just tried enabling CyberSec and it still messes with EN for me, so I had to disable it again.
  6. I'm still waiting to hear from NordVPN support, I want to find out why CyberSec is interfering with Evernote.
  7. I think I found the problem. In NordVPN preferences there is a feature called CyberSec that blocks ads and malware; I had it checked. Previously it did not interfere with EN, but either something in EN 7.12 changed that caused it to be flagged by CyberSec, or NordVPN changed something in CyberSec that erroneously flagged EN. After unchecking this feature, EN is now able to sync while I'm connected to the VPN. For anyone else using NordVPN that has the same issue, try turning off CyberSec.
  8. Yeah, a reboot doesn't solve it either. I'm waiting to hear back from NordVPN support to see if they can solve this.
  9. Different servers make no difference.
  10. Thanks for your reply. But EN was connecting without difficulty the day before when the VPN was connected. The issue only occurred after I upgraded, so I doubt NordVPN is the issue. However I will contact their support as well.
  11. For some reason after recently upgrading to 7.12, I can no longer sync Evernote Desktop on Mac to the Evernote server when my VPN is connected (I use NordVPN). If I disconnect the VPN, sync works fine. I find this very annoying as I want my VPN connected at all times. Why is Evernote having this issue?
  12. Quick fix just tried: in each notebook I selected all the notes, then added a tag. Now my notes appear again under All Notes view. However I will try the nuke option now as well.
  13. Whenever I launch Evernote on the Mac, All Notes (my default setting) flash briefly, then disappear. This just started; the app worked fine yesterday. I also just updated the app to 7.9 but that made no difference. I have found that when I use the web app and make a change to a note, such as the reminder date, it then shows up on my desktop app. I have also tried Shift-Option-Sync to no effect. Anyone else have this issue? Any fix?
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