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  1. Just to update from what I found. I did not have any luck ctrl clicking and copying to desktop. BUT. What I found was if I had a picture AND text and selected both, the image will paste into my Outlook just fine. I don't know why it works that way, but it does. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thank you. I will give it a try. Will make my life so much easier if it works.
  3. I often use the Evernote clipper to take a screen clip of part of my screen so I can send it to clients. I open the resulting clip and try to paste into Outlook. When I do that, It shows up as a .png attachment. To embed it in an email message, I have to right click the image and open it in mspaint, then select all and copy it that way. Then I can paste it as an embedded message. Is there a simpler way to do this?
  4. Thanks. I couldn't find this until I updated. Working well now.
  5. Sorry to res an old thread, but just checking to see if any attention has been given to this? The huge headers are annoying.
  6. Those are good workarounds. Thanks.
  7. Looks like the contact has Skype and it's trying to paste in the Skype logo next to the phone number but it's being quadrupled for some reason.
  8. It has been awhile since I saw the date scroller in the Windows version. Is it now hidden or gone completely? I notice in the ipad version it is there. I find it helpful for quick jumping to a certain date range.
  9. Whoops! I should have read the help file. The any: keyword fixes it any: Problogger Lifehacker Persistenceunlimited
  10. Hi I was messing around with Saved searches and wanted to know if there is any way to put in multiple queries into one saved search. Like I want a saved search called Blog Reading and want a saved search for Problogger And/OR Lifehacker AND/OR Persistenceunlimited. Is there any way to do that? I tried some boolean phrases, commas, Plus signs etc. But haven't had any luck. Thanks
  11. I'd second the template issue and data storage choices. I suspect both of these would be added to future builds because in the case of data storage location, that's pretty much a programming standard. In the case of templates, it's hard for me to picture that Evernote would give up forever the ability for us to create fancy To-Do lists, Pre-formatted documents and spreadsheets that we have so long grown to depend on. But that's just my two cents with a little bit of hope thrown in.
  12. Now that you've explained it, I can say I think I now understand and I tend to agree. Fewer people want to bother with setting up auto filters, etc. It is sort of like the person who installs Google Desktop search on their computer and stops categorizing emails. Instead of weeding through folders and subfolders, they do a keyword search. Personally I do some of each. So as I understand it, Evernote would 1-up the G-desktop solution by saving your most frequent searches as tags...yes? It just might work.
  13. Wow! This is such a great idea. I tried Jott awhile back and stopped using it. If this works, it will be da bomb!
  14. tinapan, iafanasyev said it's fixed in the post above. We have to wait for the next release though.
  15. It seems the auto sync is no longer freezing with the latest version. But if I switch from online to offline it still goes for the CPU spike.
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