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  1. I am getting these notices too. Been on premium since 2008. Checked my account, I'm still on premium. Kind of weird to be pitched to upgrade my account when I've already paid for a year.
  2. This used to be a feature but hasn't been in the 10.x releases. Please add it back.
  3. Hello,

    Just wanted to point out that PinkElephant is trolling the forums telling everyone who has a bug to stop using Evernote.  it's not helpful and quite annoying. 

  4. If you are not an employee of Evernote, why don't you quit trolling these forums with your unhelpful and incendiary posts and go do something else with your time?
  5. I've been a paying member of Evernote since at least 2007. Being able to create procedures and copying them to Outlook is my most used feature. The fact that it doesn't work without a bunch of rigamarole is infuriating. I know there are some on this thread who want to defend removing all these features we have come to rely on, but I think that is ignorant. Either Evernote is a reliable tool or it is not. There's no middle ground. So I will ask Pink Elephant and other Evernote reps to answer. Is the new Evernote a reliable tool? Does it have (at least) the same functionality as last year at this time? If the answer is no, I'd argue this is a complete fail. If this version is good, why is the answer to all our complaints to "load the legacy version"? That shows how bad this version is. I've read arguments that Evernote needed to upgrade the infrastructure and topology for flexibility. Ok. understand, that's not my problem, that's YOURS. Upgrade your sh*t on your own time. Don't ***** up my workflow because you feel you need to change course mid-stream.
  6. Hi all, was wondering if/how people are getting EverNote's tray to launch at login like it did in the 6.x versions?
  7. So it sounds like a defect in the Evernote share clipper in IOS?
  8. I tried this 2 times. Once closing all background apps and powering off the ipad. The other, I tried force closing Evernote and rebooting ipad. In both cases, it's still saying importing "unknown.pdf" 4 clips remaining. I waited 15 minutes for the files to import with no luck.
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