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  1. > Check to see if the characters are being copied from Sublime as plain text.. The issue is going from Evernote to sublime, not the other way. > it may be an error with what Sublime is sending to the clipboard. It's not an issue with sublime. I'm using sublime to show the issue. I was worried people were too focused on sublime, so I also showed the issue in vim as well in my video. Have you watched my video?
  2. Here's a video showing the problem in full detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNPLRi_5jWA > I would suggest you contact support about it. I would love to. When I went to open a ticket about it they said support was only for "buisness" contracts. Do you have ideas on how to open a support ticket with only a "plus" subscription? > Does CTRL+SHIFT+V give a different result? No, the funky spaces are still there when I paste suing CTRL+SHIFT+V (though I use CMD since I'm on a mac).
  3. > one space replaced by this special space in other documents it’s multiple special spaces on multiple lines. It shows at the beginning of some lines in the middle of others and at the end. > Probably it has always been there, the only difference is that now it is showing. It’s showing up in files that I regularly copy and paste from Evernote that haven’t changed in months. the first time I noticed it was in a reply to a customer (I work tech support). I sent a code snippet that I use regularly and there were special characters on the beginning lines in my reply. My note hasn’t changed, my browser hasn’t changed, but I’ve got mystery characters. I code for a living and use tools that show special and invisible characters, if I was regularly putting multiple special characters into every paragraph I would have seen it before now. I’m pretty sure this is a bug in either the Evernote client or the data store. I appreciate the efforts I also feel you’re invalidating my problem.
  4. It’s showing up in old notes that I’ve previously copied and used with no problems. It’s not an entry error,
  5. It's all English and all plain text. My workflow generally looks like this: - Write plain text in markdown in a text editor (sublime text 3 or vim) - Copy text from text editor - Paste text into Evernote for use later - When I'm ready, copy the text from Evernote back into my text editor From googling " 0xa0 is 'nonbreaking space' ", which certainly wasn't present in my text when I pasted it into evernote.
  6. Video of the problem: When I go to a note in evernote and copy the whole thing and then paste into another editor (such as sublime text) some of my spaces show up as `<0xa0>` characters. I've attached a screenshot after I copied a note from evernote and pasted it into sublime text 3. I've been using evernote for years and this just started happening. It doesn't seem to be restricted to recent notes either, this screenshot is from a note that was last updated in April.
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