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  1. It's odd, I'm having trouble figuring out what's going on and how to replicate it exactly. It started working as it should again, I was able to work on the note expanded for more than an hour without issue. Then I switched notes and did something and when I went back to the original note, it started closing out of the expanded view again after a few seconds.
  2. When I click the Expand Note button to hide the sidebars on the web client, it reverts back within 10 or 15 seconds. Just a few days ago I was able to expand a note and write in it for an extended period of time, now it won't allow me to do that. I'm using the Chrome browser on a Chromebook. Anyone know of a fix or if I'm doing something wrong? Edit: It appears to only occur in a particularly long note I'm editing. I tried to replicate the issue in a shorter note and couldn't.
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