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  1. My intent is to be able to view my notes in List View with the following columns: Name, Tags, and Due Date. Obviously the first two are currently available, but the latter is not; the only way to currently view due dates on notes is either in the Card or Snippet views. Even then, thought, you're only able to view notes with due dates separately from the notes themselves. I think the addition of a Due Date column in List View--with the ability to sort them--would create a better flow. It would not only give me an easier way to view upcoming tasks/notes, but also be able view tasks/notes that need to have a due date. If I didn't already imply it, notes that don't have a due date would simply be clumped together at the bottom or top of the list (but not separated from the rest) based on how you sorted the list. With this addition, it'd also be nice to have a pop-up dialog box for adding due dates to notes without having a open the note itself (i.e. right-click context "Add Due Date" that opens a dialog box for adding a date/time). Not only would serve an easier way to add due dates, but give us the ability to add due dates to multiple items that need to be due at the same time (or due dates removed from multiple items). If you guys could add this option to Android/IOS, as well, we'd be best friends. I must also add my most needed request to each and every suggestion I put on here: please, please, please, add multi-select with multi-tag/-move/-delete of notes in Android/IOS. The mobile OS for each already provide a native way of long-press to multi-select. Thanks for the great product, guys/gals! I've been a faithful premium member for over 2 years now, and don't see me changing that anytime soon. Keep up the good work, and God bless!
  2. First off, I really like the highlighter. It's great! Second, I'd like to point out a rather frustrating new issue I've discovered since updating that messes my whole work-flow. It's a simple thing really. It seems that I can no longer select multiples of anything in the Left Pane (tags, notebooks, shortcuts, etc). This really throws me off, because I like to select a saved search that filters specific tags out, and then run down my to-do list of context tags...I can't do this, however, if I can't select multiple items. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. Issues I've found so far: Moving tags to a stack sometimes doesn't show the tag as moved in the left pane unless I completely restart EN. Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to tell a notebook's shared in the left pane (there's no icons on my notebooks). I actually have to click on a notebook to be able to see the shared icon in the Note Panel. Requests: Would still like to see tag stacks/trees in shortcuts (similar to how notebook stacks can be added, and still work like stacks). An easier way to filter notes out with tags. I absolutely love the ability to be able to click on a notebook, and then filter down to the notes I want using the Note List pane. However, there seems to be now easy way to filter out tagged-notes I don't want to see. I'm stuck with having to type/copy-paste -tag:"blah blah" each time, or make a saved search for each notebook. Instead, I'd like to be able to filter out certain tags I don't want to see using the Note List pane. Here's an example: I have a notebook called Actions. Within that notebook I have a couple hundred notes with a couple dozen tags. I also have a tag called Waiting 4 Tasks, for tasks that I can't currently complete, but will be able at some specific point in time. Once I narrow my Actions notebook down with a tag called Project: Get out of debt, I'd like to only see notes that I can currently do (i.e. none that have the Waiting 4 Tasks tag).
  4. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I often use Evernote on my phone to log various ideas or thoughts throughout the day. When I get back to the office or home, I'll dictate them using Evernote on my Windows desktop. Then I'll throw them in whatever notebook it applies to. While using the v5 beta today, though, I noticed a peculiar issue: my "Untitled" notes with the audio recordings were completely blank...no recording or anything. Maybe I'm missing something. All of my other devices and the web version have access to the recordings, but apparently not the beta? Is this a known issue? If so, I apologize for bringing it up. Hope that helps. God bless! ***Edit*** So, right after hitting "send" on this topic, I opened the beta again; lo' and behold...the recordings were there, but only if I opened each note individually. Now, after syncing, however, they're blank again. I can highlight section where the recordings should be (as though there is an oblong shaped rectangle there), but it's still blank.
  5. @jefito Well, holy cr@p (<--- that's seriously a "bad word"??), I wish I'd known about the vertical list view prior. That makes things so much better! Thanks! As far as the tags & saved searches go, I was tracking that. Unfortunately, the Android version doesn't do saved searches very well (at least, not as well as I'd like), so I was just hoping for an easier solution; having the same functionality as notebooks stacks in shortcuts would make it easier for me. Thanks for the feedback, though!
  6. While everyone's hoo-ha-ing over the UI, I'd like to provide some worthwhile feedback. First off, I love the new look. There seems to be much better consolidation of items, allowing more real-estate on my screen--always a great thing, IMHO. Second, I'd like to propose three items: Some sort of melding of "snippets" and "list" view. "Snippets:" I've always loved the ability to use my widescreen to it's full potential, having my list of notes on the left and selected note in full view on the right. However, it seems like the listing of notes in this view makes those with sub-text look confusing to me; it's a jumble of date created, tags, and text within the note. "List:" In this mode, I absolutely love the cleanliness of it: my titles, tags, and notebooks are clearly seen, making it easier to get a bigger picture of notes within that notebook. However, the editing window (if I want to actually see the note well) takes up a significant amount of space, limiting my "big picture" overview. If I want to edit notes on the fly like in "snippets" (while retaining my overview), I have to open that note individually or drag the editing window up to make it bigger. Summary: all in all, I guess I'd just like a clean list of notes similar to "list," but on the left like "snippets;" this would allow my editing window to remain on the right, allowing me to edit notes on the fly without having to waste time opening it up or dragging to make it bigger. The ability to add a stack of tags to shortcuts, similar to the way you can add a stack of notebooks. The ability to either drag joined-notebook tags into one stack, or a separate button/area for joined-notebook tags. They're messing up my tag feng-shui.
  7. I absolutely love Evernote (EN). I use it dozens and dozens of times throughout the day. More and more, I find myself using my Android tablet for work. Unfortunately, I don't feel as though EN for Android really keeps a lot of the functionality that I have with Windows. Often, I simply have to go back to my laptop in order to not waste time trying to use the Android app. Although, EN for Android is great for capturing things and keeping them in one place. Here's a few things I've thought about that would help improve how I use EN on Android (and keep me productive): Batch operations -- selecting, tagging, moving, etcAbility to see search items in a full window, rather than just a slim little strip (prevents me from seeing all my tags/notebooks properly)Re-order notes within a notebook by tag (similar to the way EN Windows does it --> keeps like tags together w/ 1's before 2's, etc); I often use EN as a way of keeping projects & next items in order of priority via tags, which works out perfectly when clicking on the "tag" heading to re-order items in Windows. However, this isn't an option in Android. True, I could simply search via a single tag, but if I'm using multiple tags or wanting to stay within one notebook without having to do a drawn-out search, I'm out of luck. That's the big ones right now. I'll add more as they come to mind. Feel free to tell me if I made a mistake, and one of the items I mentioned is already available (I'd be more than pleased). Hope this helps. Again, I absolutely love EN, and it's one of my favorite tools to use. I'm glad that I can contribute and assist you guys/gals in making this the best product it can be. Thanks!
  8. I would like to paint you EN guys/gals a better picture: I'm currently using a AT100 Toshiba Thrive tablet w/ Tegra 2 processor & 1gb of ram I'm also using offline notebooks for the majority of my notes. Strangely, this doesn't seem to make any difference relative to the lag & loading time I typically only have 3-4 other processes running while reading and taking notes Nearly every other minimalist note-taking app I've used (Note Everything, Write, etc) have none of these issues when switching back and forth I've also tried creating a note shortcut and launching it from there, as that seems to only load the note (vs the entire app...not sure if this is true, but it does seem that way) All in all, I've experienced the same issues regardless of changing any and all parameters. Hope this helps!
  9. I've noticed various other users requesting additional features to allow for a more rich text-editing experience. However, I'm here to request something a little against the flow: a more minimalist, floating note-taker. Minimalist --> because I find that writing on the current Android app is a pain; there's constant lag during typing, and my notes tend to take anywhere from 3-5 secs to load when switching to them. A more minimalist approach to the UI (not the entire UI; this could be a separate component designed for mobile devices) would allow less use of resources (something which a note-taking app shouldn't use much of) Floating --> because it would allow for note-taking alongside the use of other apps (browsers, pdf readers, etc). A resizable window that can be minimized would be great, as well. Currently, I use FLoating Notes 2; which although it fulfills majority of these needs, it doesn't integrate with EN well, aside from exporting notes. I'm sure the EN geniuses could come up with something brilliant. Looking forward to your new releases, and I hope my suggestions helped.
  10. I love Evernote, first & foremost; however, it seems as though it's missing something that many other note-capturing systems have (though, many of them don't have the flexibility of Evernote, which is why I use it): the ability to link your phone/email to your tasks or specific notes. I'd love to link my phone # & email address to my account, and then select to have specific tasks (within a note) or an entire note itself be emailed/texted to me at a specific time/date (in other words, it would add a much needed, easy-to-use reminder system to Evernote). I'm thinking in terms of the web version of Google Calendar, which does much the same thing as I'm describing, and does it flawlessly. If this were placed into Evernote, not only would I have a reminder-system in place for my notes; but I'd also be able to use one continuous note (or notes) as my task/to-do-list (and I'd have it on all devices I have Evernote). Once again, Evernote would reign supreme in flexibility.
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