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  1. Thanks for the update. I see the same behavior on my system. Agreed, this is unacceptable!
  2. This is a nice solution listed by MikeP. I have used it in concert with what I consider a "normal" file link in Legacy. Behind the scenes in Legacy, I create link just below the illustration above that looks like this: file:///C:/Users/username/documents/example.docx. You can create a link highlighting any word, words or even a random group of characters. Here's a sample. I type in the phrase "example Word document". Then I highlight that phrase, right click, click on Hyperlink, select Add and type in the path as shown in the prior paragraph and click OK. The note now has the following link: example Word document When I view the note in V10 it looks like: example Word document At this point when I close V10 and open the note in Legacy it still is a link and looks like: example Word document Hope this helps.
  3. The behavior seems to have changed. I restored all the erased links in the note where they were removed. I had the same link in another note, and it was not impacted. I did not access that note from version 10. I ran a test in Legacy where I duplicated a note and then moved the duplicate to a different notebook. I opened the test note in version 10 and in iOS. It did not lose the blue color but did not show as a link in iOS or version 10. I closed version ten and examined the test note in Legacy and the link was there and functional. Like others who have commented here I wish there could be a file linking capability in version 10. I would be willing to embed multiple links unique to the two platforms I use (Windows & iOS).
  4. Thanks for the Windows shortcut example. I was using it previously but discovered how to make file links look and behave like URL and internal links. I don't believe this is a Windows issue as the file links work properly in the Legacy version of Evernote. After the links were converted to text only, I was able to reinstate them using the Legacy version. My concern here is that version 10.9.10 is the first version 10 release to actually modify content in a note by deleting the file link information.
  5. I've been bouncing back and forth between version 10 and Legacy. Just when I thought version 10 was stable enough to use it full time a major defect has come up. I have links to files on my PC embedded in several notes. After upgrading to 10.9.10 all file links were lost. The link would be blue and look like: Exercise Log. After accessing the note in 10.9.10 it would look like: Exercise Log. The label would be there, but it was no longer a link. Links to URLs and internal note links were unaffected. Has anyone else observed this behavior?
  6. Good news! The version just released today Jan 29 fixes the problem, at least for me it does.
  7. CalS, thanks for your reply. I used the process you suggested and got my results. I came up with another way as well that didn't involve reminders. I created a stored search like this: any: -tag:"3-30+ minutes" -tag:"3-10-30 minutes" and used the filter dropdown to add AND filters. This only works the five filter categories in version 10 (Tags, Located in, Contains, Created, Updated). It reminded me of my SQL coding days from more years ago than I care to remember.
  8. I'm trying to figure out how to combine two searches into a single complex one. The first search shows me all notes with reminders for today: reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1 The second search shows me all notes with either of two tags: any: tag:"3-30+ minutes" tag:"3-10-30 minutes" Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Woo-hoo. The latest release (10.6.9) allows for adding words to the dictionary.
  10. Thanks for the note DougInNC. That slipped right past me. It is an excellent improvement.
  11. I did a quick test with two new notes. You are correct. The order in EN 10 is order added. The order in Legacy was alphabetical for the same two notes. I too use special characters to place the key tags at the top. I have over 11,000 notes; not about to go back and re-tag them. Hope this gets addressed.
  12. The tags across the bottom appeared in alphabetic order in the Legacy version. They now appear to be in random order. I use tags extensively and have generated my tags in a way that makes it easy to maintain on notes with multiple tags. Am I missing something here?
  13. External file links, web page links and internal links used to go to the link directly. Now the default action when left-clicking on a link is to bring an edit dialog. You must click on the three dots to Open the link. I propose that the default left-click behavior should be to Open the link. If I want to Edit or Unlink I can right-click on the link.
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