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  1. So the evolution of Evernote for me is that it's becoming LESS useful instead of more useful. Bummer.
  2. Yeh, the IdeaPlaces isn’t what I was looking for either. I also in the past created phone lists for work and could touch the number to dial automatically. But as with street addresses, the numbers are no longer underlined in blue. Touch them and nothing happens.
  3. I used to always paste street addresses into Evernote and then just touch the address on my iPhone to open directions in maps. Now they're no longer underlined/linked in iOS. So I'm instead pasting addresses into Apple Notes. Any idea what's up?
  4. Yeh, I guess it was a "note." I don't know if I ever changed the font or size, but in the end, it was all uniformly the same. So shouldn't it then sync and end up appearing in a uniform font/size in iOS? Instead of having odd changes in the font size in only parts of the note?
  5. I should be more specific with my gripe. I create a document on my desktop all in the same font size, and it looks very professional. Then I sync it to iOS and find that in the iOS version there are scattered sentences that have a VERY noticeable difference in font size than the rest of the document. It's like having one sentence with a font size of 14 followed by the next sentence with a font size of 12. I look back at the original that I created on my desktop, and it's not like that. Somehow in the syncing process, Evernote decides to change the font size ONLY IN CERTAIN RANDOM SENTENCES in the iOS document.
  6. Same exact problem I've had for months. It makes your notes on iOS look like garbage. No fix as of 5/17/19.
  7. I've drug the corners of various images to resize them a gazillion times in EN, but now I can't do it. I'm using version 7.6 on a 2018 macbook pro running Mojave 10.14.1. When I click on the image to get a blue box around it, when I then move my mouse to the corner of the box to "grab" and resize it, all I get is a magnifying glass shape and the option to enlarge it to full-screen. No option to manipulate the size in any other way. 😩
  8. It's doable, but not very user friendly. It's frustrating to have to select a single word basically, and then grab the little thing and expand it to select more text. THEN you have to have your keyboard activated in order to see the highlight tool, which takes 1/3 of the page. Please correct me if I'm missing something though . I find myself preferring to just open the pdf in PDF Expert if I don't have my laptop and do the highlighting there because it's so much easier. I wish Evernote was the same....
  9. Removing the Web Clipper from Chrome and adding it again worked for me. When I re-added it, I was automatically logged in too.
  10. This is an old thread, and maybe there are others by now mentioning a simpler solution. I'm doing a study project and copy/pasting a lot of text from Wikipedia, which mean that every 4th word is hyperlinked. Any attempt to deal with one hyperlink at a time is just too tedious. So I'm pasting stuff into a Word document first, but when I right click, instead of selecting Paste, I select Paste Special, which then gives me some options. Pick the "Keep Text Only" to make the hyperlink disappear. When I then copy/paste it into Evernote, the hyperlink is still gone. So far, so good.... The following screen shot was taken from http://ccm.net/faq/320-how-to-remove-hyperlinks-from-a-word-document
  11. Like others have said, taking Presentation Mode away is crushing. I can't even find an explanation for why it was done, which escalates "crushing" to somewhat infuriating. It's the main reason I felt compelled to continue paying for Premium. So now what? I'm game for looking at other options. Evernote can't keep this market cornered, and taking away a SUPERB feature seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot.
  12. Seems like every day something about Evernote drives me bananas. With all the sync errors I get, when I scroll down through a note and see the endless sync conflicts listed one after another, it makes my note multiply in length. And when I delete all of the needless ones on my desktop and get the note looking the way I want it, I sync. It seems intuitive that Evernote would sync those changes to my mobile devices, but nope. It never does in fact. So the note on my mobile device will be a huge string of sync conflict after sync after sync conflict. And it's a total pain to try to edit out all the conficts on my mobile device . So why, when I clean up this mess on my desktop version, does it not sync those changes to my mobile?
  13. Well I'm becoming fairly convinced that maybe my biggest issue is in trying to use EN with anything less than an awesome internet connection. After trying a couple more times to get the desktop EN to sync, it finally pulled it off, and I'm now able to edit the note I was working on. So at least I can make some progress now. In regards to my issue with EN creating multiple copies of my note while I'm tying.... I'm guessing it's trying to sync with a somewhat slow internet connection, and maybe because I'm continuing to type, it confuses the sytem and consequently creates a replica of the note I'm editing???? Beats me. Is there a way to stop the web platform auto-sync? Or decrease the time interval? Seems like it tries to sync every few seconds. That interval seems okay when I'm at home on a fast internet connection, but at work it creates a total cluster..... I suppose someone will say, "Just use the desktop version on anything besides a perfect internet connection, you dummy!"...and maybe that's the solution
  14. csihilling, I should have worded things better for clarity. I learned the hard way in the very beginning about editing multiple platforms and getting a resulting syc mess. But today that wasn't the issue. I had only one platform open. I was typing in the web platform when the system started creating copies of the note...one after the other after the other. Actually it happened yesterday too. As I would be typing along, the page would reload on me mid sentence, and presto...there was another copy of the note. Over and over. I literally couldn't type more than a sentence or two before this would happen, so basically I could make zero progress. That's when I decided to try the desktop version, which I verified is the latest update. I figured by getting away from the auto-sync on the web version, I could type the information I needed, and then just sync when I was finished. But multiple attempts at opening the desktop EN gave me the same issue of a box telling me that I'd be able to edit the note once the sync was done. Yet the little sync arrows at the top had stopped spinning around, and the latest information had loaded that I had modified on the web version, indicating that a sync had taken place. So basically right now the desktop version doesn't work at all. I can't type a single character...literally.
  15. As amazing as the Evernote concept is, it's turning out to be more frustration than it's even worth. It's sync issue after sync issue it seems. I'm on a wifi connection at work right now, and when I try typing in the web version, it's trying to sync as I'm typing. I guess it can't keep up with what I'm doing or something, because it starts creating multiple copies of the note that I have open. Then I have to figure out which one I need to delete. Then I type a few more words only to find that it has created yet another copy....and so it continues. So I figured I'd just use the desktop version to finish my data entry and then sync later, right? Well once I open it, it gets stuck in a super-long sync process. And once it appears to be finished syncing, I attempt to start typing. And that's when a message opens on the screen telling me that once the snyc is finished that I can then edit the note. So I exit Evernote and try it again...with the same results. The wifi connection is just fine. But Evernote can't seem to do it's thing. Bottom line is that I've been battling with sync issues for most of the month that I've been using Evernote, and I'm to the point where I'm looking for a completely alternative (non-Evernote) way of doing things. I really don't even care if it's a little more work. I just want reliability, and Evernote doesn't seem to provide that. Has anyone found suitable alternatives that work more reliably?
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