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  1. So I looked through some other notes, and the Learn Spelling feature IS there....sort of. In many cases, the spell checker is not offering suggestions, and that is when the "Learn Spelling" option is not listed. But isn't that when it SHOULD be listed? Obviously if one of the suggested words seems fitting, I would choose it; and I would not need the Learn Spelling option in that case. But when NONE of them are suitable (or none are even listed), that is precisely when the Learn Spelling (OR Apple's "Ignore Spelling") option is needed...yet it is not there. I always though of "Learn Spelling" as an override for when the spell checker is either giving me all the wrong suggestions or has no suggestions at all. Maybe I'm still missing something?
  2. Yeh, I hate looking at a note and seeing the red dots underlining a word that Evernote thinks I misspelled. And I can't make it LEARN that word so that the note will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  3. When I'm collecting information from around the web on some topic, it would be awesome if a source link was automatically pasted along with the text so I don't have to take the additional step of doing that. Anyone know how this can be done?
  4. I have to put in PASSCODE FOE ENTRY INTO evernote..Peviuosly the numerals were APPEARING AS 1,2,3


                                                                                                                                                                 7,8,9 &0 IN THE LAST LINE. but now the format is shown horizontally with THE result only 8 DIGITS ARE VISIBLE. DIGITS 5& 0 ARE MISSING AND AS SUCH i AM NOT ABLE TO FEED THE REQUIRED DIGITS AS PASSCOE

    .Please help




  5. I too have zero use for the Home Screen. The only thing it serves to do is to make it more difficult for me to get to my notes, and also to make me mad at the people at Evernote.
  6. Wow, I think you fixed my issue!! I've been on the run tonight and guilty of not thoroughly digesting your previous message with the image. I didn't understand what those options were. Thank you!!!!
  7. Just one example - Earlier today I created a new note. I set the font size to 18. I type a bunch of bullet points, and everything remains at the font size of 18. But every time I copy paste using Shift-Alt-V, it's pasted in font size of 16 instead of 18. So literally every time I copy-paste into the new note, I have to highlight and change the font size to 18 so that it will match the rest of the note.
  8. That doesn't seem to work either. Sure, I can change the entire style of the note, but as soon as I put the cursor at the end of a line and press enter, I'm automatically back to typing at size 16 font. I'm using V10 of the app on Mac OS. The web version does the same thing.
  9. I'm using V10 of the app on Mac OS. The web version does the same thing.
  10. It's 4/17/21, and I'm on these forums in frustration, because Evernote STILL does this same dumb thing. Why is this so hard?
  11. This has been an eternal issue with Evernote for years. New notes want to default to a font size of 16. If I've already created a note that I edit on an ongoing basis and want to change the ENTIRE note to a font size of 20, for instance, why can't I simply hit Select All, change it to 20, and be done with it? It will appear initially that it works, but it NEVER EVER really works....because as soon as you start hitting the return button to go to a new line, half the time the font changes back to 16. What am I doing wrong??? I'm using V10 of the app on Mac OS. The web version does the same thing.
  12. PinkElephant (Mr Smarty Pants) has figured out the best solution. 😜But yeh, I'm wondering, too, what led to the disappearance of these features, which were definitely more convenient.
  13. That actually works! In the mobile app, select the address, then select Look Up from the options that appear, and it will open in maps. Not quite as user friendly as a hotlink that automatically opens in maps, but a very simple method nevertheless. Thanks!!! Now if we could figure out how to make a phone number automatically dial.... I used to have a phone log that I would frequently edit and share with coworkers. The numbers were automatically hotlinked in Evernote so that all I had to do was touch it, and it would automatically dial.
  14. I never got an answer to the problem, and that was last August. As I said in my last post, Evernote has become less useful instead of more useful over time...at least to me. Sure, I still use it, but it seems like the general lack of product evolution means that eventually another product will completely lure me away from it.
  15. So the evolution of Evernote for me is that it's becoming LESS useful instead of more useful. Bummer.
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