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  1. TIL: there's another awesome feature in evernote - import folder. The problem is that Notion imports data in `*.md` files. I've made an import folder, and pasted there one of the files and here is what i got
  2. The web is full of completely opposite articles - it's super easy to import Evernote -> Notion. I've never used Evernote heavily. At some point i've needed personal knowledge, planning and notes tool and I was amazed by Notion. Now, after half a year of trying Notion i gave a chance to Evernote and it turned out, that Evernote is more mature piece of software, and i want to move on with Evernote and drop a Notion. But there's a problem - even if i have not that huge library in notion, it will still take some unreasonable time to copy-paste things manually. Is there any less painful way to migrate entities from Notion to Evernote?
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