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  1. How do you keep those hierarchies? Would you mind show it to us? i'm trying to construct my own and I would like to learn from other experiences
  2. Thanks all of you for your suggestions. i'll try the evernote scanner for a while using this tagging system that I like. I'm an android user for now.
  3. Hi all, I would like to ask a feature. It would be nice that the android apps has a scanner for physical receipts, it would make it easier for us to organize taxes and personal finances. I suppose that it is a function similar to the contacts card scanning that comes with evernote. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, Thank you very much for your answer. I'll support the request!
  5. Hi, I'm implementing this general notes where I keep a record of the project (actually, is an evernote template). I was wondering if I can create a link for an specific section of the note, to say for example to the resources of the project. As far as I know, the links only refer to the entire note, but not to specific sections of it. Thanks in advance
  6. Same for me. It's a bit annoying not being able to use numerals properly. For example. I got a title 1, then I want to build a paragraph, and then another title 2. But it's not possible, it always return to title 1.
  7. Hi I have one table in which I try to add a new row below. I tried with right-click and add a new row, but nothing happens. I also go to the last cell of the table and press the "tab", and nothing happens. So It's impossible for me to add new rows. I also try to combine two cells, but I cannot select them to combine. Does anyone have this same issue? Any Idea about what can I do? Today, I downloaded the latest version and installed. So, it would be not a version problem. Thanks a lot
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