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  1. Peter, with Evernote support I've find a workaround: - from web version change temporary default notebook to another - close and reopen evernote Android, now you can save with success - from web version change default notebook to preferred - evernote Android still work normally to original default notebook If you delete data of app, you have to repeat steps above. The little problem is that you see default notebook more than one under notebooks, is only grafical issue, app works normally. I hope that will be fix soon, I'm waiting answer from support.
  2. Thanks a lot Stevieblue, I've exactly same problem!!! I've open a ticket to Evernote, when my issue are resolve I'll post here the solution
  3. Update Evernote for Android to last versione of 14/01/2021 (version number 10.4 - 1109602) but problem persist. I'try to completely uninstall and reinstalla but still can't create note. Evernote please help, I'm a paid Premium user and is crazy that anyone reply me!!!!!!!!
  4. Sane problem and no answer from Evernote.... Terribile! Here's other discussion post:
  5. Any news?!?!? Is 2 weeks that in my smartphone I must add new note through email address 🤬
  6. OK Nick, I've send you a PM with answers.... I've try to send log by email but android app hung in screen when I've to press CONTINUE for send email so is impossibile to send
  7. Same problem but on my Xiaomi Mi A3 with Android 10.... edit existing note works but new note disappear after save it. I've try to completely uninstall App and reinstall but problem persist.... Anyone have same issue? It's a terrible problem!!!
  8. Move button All Notes on top of Shortcuts Hi, the button on the left All Notes in under Shortcuts.... the problem is that if Shurtcuts are expanded for find All Notes button I have tpo go to the end of all shortcuts. For me can be very useful if All Notes button go on top of Shortcuts (under New Note) so is immediatly to click on it. Thanks
  9. I don't know from which version but now sort order remain correctly set also in savet search to Sort by Date update Thanks
  10. OK understand.... I wait the implementation of the default order feature 🙂 Thanks
  11. Hi Mike..... I've change the order of one Notebook (es. Inbox) to "Sort by Date update", then I've create a Saved search that show all notes into Inbox notebook without reminder (and I've add to Fovourites) but if I open saved search it continue to show me notes with "Sort by Relevance"
  12. Hi, on old Evernote for Windows the default sort order on saved search was "Sort by Date update", now on new Evernote 10.x the default sort order is "Sort by Relevance". How can I set the default sort order? Because now it's a big problem because every time I want to see all last notes sent to my inbox folder I've to change Sort type. Thanks for any help
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