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  1. @jefito - the earlier part of the thread indicates that the feature has been somewhat deprecated since chat was introduced and that sharing via chat requires the recipient to get an EN account. Yes, of course you can still share by email but in the Mac version anyway, the function has been moved off the share icon at the top of the note screen which, at least in this thread, has been interpreted to mean that it may be on the way out as a feature. That, if true, would be unfortunate. I did not say one can't send a note by email. I said anything that makes it less convenient is not a benefit in my book.
  2. So, I didn't invent this system (but probably tweaked it a bit) and I can't remember where I found it so apologies to the original creator . . . However, here's what I did: I have a notebook called "Cabinet" which is where stuff gets filed. Another called "Inbox" where new stuff is received. This is my default notebook. Anything I email to EN ends up in here, things I clip end up here, etc. This is where I sort everything. It either gets filed in the "Cabinet" or it gets set up in "Action Pending" somewhere. Anything in my email inbox that I need to either keep or act on is forwarded to my EN inbox and then deleted from the email inbox. It's an extra step to move it but it's too difficult to have multiple inboxes and multiple "Cabinets" to try to work out of. So, an email comes in, I read it and take care of it if it is a 2 minute task, delegate it to someone else (with a cc to my EN inbox for followup) or move it into the system (1-Now, 2-Next, set a date for it or whatever) to be dealt with at the proper time. I have "Action Pending" and finally, "Completed Actions." I originally used "completed actions" for items that were completed but I found that I don't really need to keep an inventory of every single task I've ever completed so what I do now is either delete the note when completed or I tag it by topic and file it in "Cabinet" instead. Action pending is where things that need to be dealt with end up. Anything in "Action Pending" gets tagged using one or more of the following tags: I have tags for 1-Now, 2-Next, etc. which I nest under a tag called "When" I have tags @work, etc. but I don't seem to use them as much as I should but they are nested under "Where" I have tags for each month "01-Jan" "02-Feb" and so on and nest them under "Non-current month" I have tags for each day of the month - "01st" "02nd" and so on which are nested under "current month Both "current month" and "non-current month" are nested under "Deskfile" (remember those files that would sit on your desk and have a pocket for each day of the month? That's the idea here. I thought about trying to send stuff to my calendar but it seems more work than it's worth. The only thing on the calendar is stuff that has a specific date AND time. In other words, scheduled meetings and so-forth. For things that require follow up or work on a particular day, I tag them with the "01st" or "15th" or whatever if it is for the current month and I tag it with "03-March" or whatever if it is for a different month. Toward the end of the current month, I re-file things slated for next month into a particular day. BTW - "01st" is better than "1st" because of how things display in a list. If you left off the leading zero, the list would display 1, 10, 11, 12 instead of 01, 02, 03, etc. Same with the months which is why I start with the month's number ("01" for Jan) instead of its name ("Jan"). For recurring tasks (take out trash on Monday or file taxes on April 15 or whatever), I use FollowUpThen. (See www.followupthen.com) Here I can set recurring reminders and have them emailed to me. I set a rule in Gmail to forward them to my EN account. When I set them up at FollowUpThen, I tag them and set the notebook to "Action Pending" so they skip the EN inbox and end up where I need them (1-Now, 12th, or whatever). Since they are recurring and FollowUpThen sends another one at the appropriate time, I can just delete them when I've acted on them instead of moving it to the next appropriate date (eg. I get a FollowUpThen reminder every Monday for trash so I don't have to move the reminder to the next Monday after I act on it). From here, it works very similarly to typical GTD. Paper stuff gets scanned and emailed to EN so it ends up in the system as well. I also set up a recipe with IFTTT (www.ifttt.com) that creates a note in my inbox for missed phone calls so they're tagged @phone and sent to the inbox and this way, I remember to call them back since it's in the place where I'm thinking of things I need to do! I'm sure I've left some stuff out but I'm happy to elaborate if anyone is interested. This has been working for me for a few years now and while it took a little work to set up (making tags, etc.), it's easy to maintain and was well worth the effort.
  3. I have to agree here. I don't understand why everyone doesn't use EN but, that is their prerogative and it isn't my place to hound them to open an account every time I want to forward a note to them by email. Moving the email feature and making one jump through hoops is inconvenient, burdensome and contrary to how EN users should be treated. This is especially true for those of us who pay for our EN service.
  4. I haven't tried this but can't you simply create a rule (or filter or whatever Gmail calls it) that takes any email with an attachment and forwards it to your EN email address? If I'm not mistaken, you can also set a lower limit on the attachment size so you can avoid forwarding junk like peoples email signatures and such. Once in EN, you can set up a notebook called "Inbox" or something and then sort, tag or whatever the attachments from there. I like IFTTT but it doesn't seem necessary for this.
  5. The problem appears to have been due to the database reindexing after the upgrade to 6.0.6 and resolved itself once the index completed. Sorry to anyone reading this for wasting your time.
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