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  1. In case it helps the next person, I spent a week experimenting with importing Evernote (EN) notes to Apple Notes (AN) then aborted that effort last night after talking to Apple support. AN has several serious flaws to keep in mind when considering a migration: AN will silently drop attachments and features it does not support This is terrifying AN will not let you know if / when it finishes synchronizing I let one set of imports settle over the weekend but my five Notes instances (iCloud, personal MacBook Pro, work MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad) never agreed on note counts and content This is also terrifying AN is terribly sluggish when loaded After loading 20 GB of the 160 GB database, AN was borderline unusable AN logs (from Notes app and cloudd process) never did quiesce after days of synchronizing, continuing to report errors and warnings This is also terrifying AN has zero facility for redating notes Occasionally I change the creation date of Notes in EN and this is a critical capability for me AN has no meaningful way to export notes This makes the migration to AN a one-way trip with no escape hatch In the end, my fear of AN lack of integrity trumped my reasons for migrating to AN. BIG REASONS TO MIGRATE AWAY FROM EN EN has note size limits that I regularly bump up against This is still an issue but perhaps may change soon I am reluctant to install EN on my work laptop because I do not want my personal information swept by a corporate backup or monitoring process If EN had encryption at rest then this would not apply SMALL REASONS TO MIGRATE AWAY FROM EN Premium EN costs $ Still true, but in the grand scheme of things this is just a few dollars per month EN is getting sluggish-ish But AN is worse at scale For me, the big reasons to migrate are not big enough to overcome the fear of notes losing integrity in AN. Cheers, Marty
  2. Agreed. This is yet another reason for EN to implement encryption at rest.
  3. I would actually prefer that EN said, “Our magic is in the note app, not the storage” then allow me to choose whatever backend storage I prefer, e.g. iCloud. I would pay the same or even more for the software, despite having storage costs on top of the software costs.
  4. This issue is near and dear to my heart. Because of this and other limitations, as an experiment, I am trying to move my entire database to Apple Notes. It is not going very well. I would be willing to pay more, perhaps even double, to overcome this and other limits. I have heard this approach before. I want my notes to be a fully contained archive without external dependencies. Those items on which the note depends may or many not exist when I want to read the note. Evernote’s concept is perfect for storing this type of data.
  5. We are clearly not communicating well. EN does tell users what to do, but those instructions depend on certain iOS security features not being used. When those iOS security features are used (as in my case), the EN instructions do not work. iOS has a feature to accommodate this situation. I suggested that the EN app take advantage of those features. Nowhere do I suggest that this happen without user acknowledgement or that anyone should be surprised.
  6. Agreed. The rules specifically allow for keeping the app in the foreground. When sync is complete, the EN app could set this back to false. This should be false by default, only enabled when the user requests offline download. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiapplication/1623070-isidletimerdisabled Support describes what has to be done but that solution assumes the presence of certain capabilities that might be absent.
  7. I have learned a little more. First, any app can disable the screen lock with the following configuration item. It seems that this is the method used by video players, maps, and stopwatches to keep the screen lit. UIApplication.shared.isIdleTimerDisabled = true Second, by using Guided Access, the iPad can be locked to running a single app with an override for screen timeout. I am currently running Evernote in the foreground using this approach. In my opinion, if EN needs screen auto lock to be disabled, the EN app should provide that capability.
  8. When I joined my current company and installed Outlook, the Never option was removed from auto lock settings. I think this is some security thing, since my iPad now insists that I change the PIN regularly too. I am unclear how to get around this limitation.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I struggle with the answer that this is an iOS limitation and not an EN limitation, since somehow Outlook seems to work in the background as do Notes and Reminders. Even when in the foreground, the EN app downloads at a glacial rate. I am currently seeing a 0.5 mbps download rate on a 1200 mbps connection. I cannot set my auto lock time to never, but I can have the tablet open in front of me while working on the Mac. Maybe I can just let it grind away when I am not using it today and it will hopefully catch up.
  10. I know this has been an issue before but it is still a problem with a new M1 iPad Pro. I am now in day five of using the new tablet and Evernote still has not downloaded offline notebooks. This is running iPadOS 14.6 and Evernote 10.11. Attached is an example of the download status for a few notebooks showing that downloads have a long way to go. The responses in the past to offline download problems include: You do not have enough storage Incorrect: see second attachment of the current state of iPad storage; there is plenty of free space Leave the iPad on all night with Evernote in the foreground I have a limitation whereby I can only leave the screen on for up to five minutes; see the third attachment for my screen locking options. You don’t need offline notebooks Maybe, but that is an option and it seems to be not working Has anyone figured out how to get the offline downloads to complete? Many thanks, Marty
  11. I have used Evernote for about a decade and love it but have found myself using Evernote primarily on an iPad Pro and my work laptop via Evernote Web. My personal machine has desktop Evernote and is generally powered down all week but then powered up on the weekend for schoolwork. As a result, I rarely use the desktop client throughout the work week. Sometimes I will find that I need to do something and cannot figure out the solution, such as a rename a scanned document file name sent to Evernote from a Raven scanner. I could not figure out how to rename it with the web app nor the iPad app. I opened a support ticket asking for guidance. The answer was, “Use the desktop app.” I have had several questions that were answered in a similar way. I am wondering if I am the only Evernote user that rarely uses the desktop app. Does anyone else here use Evernote regularly without resorting to the desktop app? Is it possible to survive without desktop Evernote?
  12. I think we agree that some boundaries should exist around what and how much is stored in Evernote. We probably disagree on where those boundaries should be.
  13. Support kindly reminded me that I had a 200 MB limit. I notified that I was seeing the error on an 80.1 MB note while trying to enter text. Support then asked for a screen recording showing the error, which I supplied. I discovered that I was able to finish editing the note by editing it on the iPhone, which was a tremendous pain, but at least it is done. It will be interesting to see what Support says.
  14. Starting this morning Evernote on iPad is unusable. While I was writing a note, a pop up told me that I had reached the limit for my plan. I have uploaded 480 MB of 10 GB, so that is hard to believe. I opened support request 3293950 because it was not allowing me to attach files to a note. I tried to work through it, suffering from regular pop ups every few seconds as I typed. Then I learned that my typing was not saved into the note. Evernote is now effectively unusable. I opened support request 3293961. I need to trust a note taking tool. This has seriously eroded my trust in Evernote’s availability.
  15. Woohoo! I came here looking for help with filenames being truncated when files are shared via the share sheet in 10.6. I noticed there is an update to 10.7 so I installed it and tested sharing a file. The filenames no longer appear to be truncated. Thank you. Now, if I could just figure out how to update a file name. Let me give you an example of why that is helpful: With an iOS app, open a document (such as a credit card statement) that I want to put into Evernote. The app names the March 2021 statement PDF with a name similar to 249b3802-91c8-11eb-a8b3-0242ac130003.pdf I want to put that in Evernote, but the name is useless both for the note and the file (in case I need to download the file later). If I share the file into Evernote, I can certainly fix the title, but not the filename. Thanks again for fixing the filename truncation, Marty
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