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  1. The auto-refresh feature bit me today. I was searching for a note with a PDF (referencing it in an email), found and opened the PDF, found the information I needed in the PDF, then switched to the email to continue writing. When I returned (less than 20 seconds later) to Evernote, it was back to the top of the search results. I had to scroll down past several dozen notes, find what I previously found, re-open the PDF, then scroll down the PDF to where I previously was, which was somewhere around page 40. By the time I found the right information in the PDF, I had forgotten what information I needed, so I switched back to the email to reorient myself. Then I switched back to Evernote only to see that yet-again, I was at the top of my search results. If there is a better way to do this, let me know. Similarly, I regularly find myself needing to view several PDFs at once. The only workaround I found is to save them individually to the iPad and then delete them when I am done. That seems wasteful.
  2. I have three devices that automatically sync my entire Evernote database. EN sync logic is very good, but depends on a solid internet connection for all devices, something that is not always available, especially when traveling. Right now I am traveling with such poor WiFi and LTE coverage that some notes are taking longer then a day to upload from one device, and then can take even longer to download to the other town 8devices. Ideally I could make any change on any device then all three devices would sync among themselves via Bluetooth or other local technology. Then, when any one device has good internet connectivity, such as taking my phone to a coffee shop, that device would sync with the cloud. When I then bring back the phone to be near the other two devices, they would automatically sync to the phone, even though those other two devices may not have good internet connectivity. If nothing else, this would reduce internet and Evernote network traffic from users with multiple devices.
  3. I did not realize until now that there was a way to sort by title. All of these notes are titled with the date in sort order, e.g. 2019 09 21. That certainly fixes this issue for me, yet leaves me wondering why the iOS version of EN kept this capability out of the software.
  4. In general, I agree, but I am fighting this right now. I have a set of notes that are sorted by created date, going back many years. Today I edited an entry from yesterday by adding an attachment that made the note too big. I immediately removed the attachment so that the note size is currently maybe 7 MB (containing five paragraphs of text and two photos), but the information says the note size is 406.3 MB and it refuses to sync. I tried duplicating the note, hoping the duplicate would be the correct size, but it also claims to be 406.3 MB and refuses to sync. I copied the contents to a new note and intended to change the create date of the new note to the old note’s creation date (yesterday), only to learn that I cannot change the new note’s creation date to yesterday when using the iPad. Now I am stuck waiting until I am back in the office on Monday so that I can edit the creation date with the MacBook. Right now this seems like a silly restriction.
  5. I want to second this request. My use case is a little different. Right now when I am in a meeting and taking notes, on my desk I have a sticky pad. If something occurs to me about the meeting itself, I will jot it on a sticky note so that I see it. For example, while Mary is explaining the next quarter estimates (and I am taking notes), I might realize that once she is done I need to clarify with John who will follow up with the supplier tomorrow. There does not seem to be a graceful way to keep taking notes in EN while jotting down this random thought. When I write an actual sticky note on the desk, it is there staring at me and I will remember to ask. Ideally, EN would have a translucent sticky note in a corner that is visible even when EN is in full screen on the Mac, and have a hotkey to cycle between the sticky note and the note I am writing. When a random thought hits me, I could immediately switch to the sticky not, jot it down, then switch back to the EN note where the cursor is still in the right place.
  6. I want to second this feature. I have a set of web page scrapes for an online book from my university that I am reading. I accidentally made a change to a note. While I think that I pressed CMD-Z enough times to undo all changes, the note is showing a different version in the history. There seems to be no way to verify that I preserved the original note. I installed Xcode and the tools to run opendiff against the two versions, and it showed me the attached screen. The changes continue for several pages. Are the notes truly different? I really don't know.
  7. That was very workaround-ish but it did work — I thank you. Chrome was able to view it, and to post it to Dropbox, which in turn was able to open it in Acrobat Reader after I renamed it (Chrome gave it a generic name). Oddly, I could not open the EN web app in Chrome. That seems like a needless restriction. Thanks again
  8. I am facing a similar issue. I am trying to replace my MacBook with an iPad. I have one textbook for school in a note, and it is rather large: 791 pages and about 89 MB of space. It opens just fine on the MacBook and I even have the option of opening it in Acrobat Reader. With iOS, it seems my only option is to open it in Preview, which freezes for 20 seconds and then aborts. I cannot find a way either to open it directly in Reader (which also might abort; I do not know) or to save it locally, but how do I do that? Tapping on the book opens it in Preview, and long-tapping on it selects it to move it around. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marty
  9. I want to second this issue. I restart Evernote several times per week due to this. I had the issue this morning. The first attached image show EN using 2.3 GB of memory. After restarting EN, it only used 196 MB. Something is wrong.
  10. I have the same issue on iPhone. I will take a photo, share it with Evernote, then convert that to a daily journal entry by editing it on the Mac. Almost without fail, the next day I will see the photo again in my default notebook.
  11. Martin, that's good input. My setup is Firefox under Solaris but I am unfamiliar with the underlying voodoo. All I know is that once the web EN client starting showing PDFs, the X server process started consuming lots of CPU and the whole desktop slowed to a crawl. If you know of a fix or can tell me where to download and install something to make things better, I would appreciate it. martyscholes, if i've good understood, you are speaking about the embedded PDF rendering in notes with PDF attached. On linux, with chromium i don't experience this performance issue. With firefox i got a 25% on two CPU threads (dual core + hyper threading, then 25% on a core) P.S: Sooner or later, a native client will come. Evernote can't ignore linux while others are not. Until EN continue ignoring Linux, i will use it only for testing. I have given up on a native EN client, but what kept me going was the web client, which is now broken. For what it's worth, Firefox doesn't seem to be the problem. The X server, Xnewt in my case, is being hammered every time the EN web client tries to render a PDF. Maybe it's Mozilla, maybe not. All I know is it started with the web upgrade a few months ago and there seems to be no way to make it stop. At all. Not being able to stop this behavior seems myopic, but there are smart people at EN, so there must be a sane reason for it. Thanks for the feedback. That seems a touch extreme. I never could find the build instructions for FF under Solaris.
  12. Martin, that's good input. My setup is Firefox under Solaris but I am unfamiliar with the underlying voodoo. All I know is that once the web EN client starting showing PDFs, the X server process started consuming lots of CPU and the whole desktop slowed to a crawl. If you know of a fix or can tell me where to download and install something to make things better, I would appreciate it.
  13. with web version you can't use evernote without a internet connection, you can't export notes you can't import notes etc. etc. If the web version is all you need, you don't need evernote I would also add that the new PDF rendering engine in the web client taxes the X server to the point where the whole desktop experience is degraded. Given that this feature cannot be disabled, I have asked that a bug be filed against it. I also use EN extensively in virtual machines and also use it extensively in my primary operating system. If there is not an EN client for my OS, then the web client needs to be well-behaved.
  14. Marco, I want EN on Linux too, mostly because I want EN on Solaris (my primary desktop) and the jump from a typical Linux distribution to Solaris is a small leap. The problem with a Linux port is that Linux is so fragmented. I mean, what is Linux? At its core, Linux is a kernel. But when you and I talk about Linux, it is so much more. What is the GUI? Most are X, but what about Android (which runs the Linux kernel). Technically, there is an Android port and therefore we already have a Linux port, but I doubt that's what you are referring to. Which session manager / desktop environment should they support? Gnome? KDE? All of the smaller variants out there? What about window managers and widgets? If EN targets the hardcore Linux folks then they need to include those who simply run twm. What about the old-school Motif and Athena guys? Should they ignore the OPEN LOOK people too? Linux has been ported to a bunch of CPUs and architectures. Should they include a MIPS version as well as x86? What about SPARC and the Alpha folks? Itanium? ARM sales are starting to dwarf x86, should they include that too? Besides hardware, what libraries should they assume exist on the target machine? What services? What dependencies should they assume are present? If you are thinking, "Let the package manager handle the dependencies" then we need to consider which package manager should be targeted. Redhat's RPM? Debian's system? Any of the myriad of others? Should they include it in the upstream repositories or target individual distributions? What would you tell the Gentoo folks who like to roll their own? What about Mint which itself has several sub-distributions? Going that far, should they then exclude all of the FreeBSD people as well? That opens up a whole other can of worms. In all of this, I still don't know which distribution you run, or if you rolled your own. The point is that there is no simple and straightforward solution to "make a Linux port." If I am wrong on any of the above, let me know. Thanks, Marty
  15. While I admit that unknown data loss can be terrifying, I am curious as to when the notes are disappearing. Are they synchronized and disappearing? Unsynchronized and disappearing? Do certain clients lose notes more often?
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