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  1. Support kindly reminded me that I had a 200 MB limit. I notified that I was seeing the error on an 80.1 MB note while trying to enter text. Support then asked for a screen recording showing the error, which I supplied. I discovered that I was able to finish editing the note by editing it on the iPhone, which was a tremendous pain, but at least it is done. It will be interesting to see what Support says.
  2. Starting this morning Evernote on iPad is unusable. While I was writing a note, a pop up told me that I had reached the limit for my plan. I have uploaded 480 MB of 10 GB, so that is hard to believe. I opened support request 3293950 because it was not allowing me to attach files to a note. I tried to work through it, suffering from regular pop ups every few seconds as I typed. Then I learned that my typing was not saved into the note. Evernote is now effectively unusable. I opened support request 3293961. I need to trust a note taking tool. This has seriously eroded my trust in Evern
  3. Woohoo! I came here looking for help with filenames being truncated when files are shared via the share sheet in 10.6. I noticed there is an update to 10.7 so I installed it and tested sharing a file. The filenames no longer appear to be truncated. Thank you. Now, if I could just figure out how to update a file name. Let me give you an example of why that is helpful: With an iOS app, open a document (such as a credit card statement) that I want to put into Evernote. The app names the March 2021 statement PDF with a name similar to 249b3802-91c8-11eb-a8b3-0242ac130003.pdf
  4. I do recall that the slogan for Evernote was “Remember Everything.” Today on the “Why Evernote” portion of the web page it has a heading “Save Everything” and “Sync Everything.” It is possible that Evernote and I disagree on the definition of Everything. As PinkElephant noted, a higher tier is probably the answer and I could live with that. At the same time, I think I pay roughly the same to iCloud for 1 TB of storage and other services. I know that storage is not free yet the cost of storage has been steadily decreasing for decades now with no end in sight. 30 years ago it was expensive
  5. I just stumbled into this thread because this morning EN is limiting me to 20 MB instead of my usual 200 MB. I suspect this is a bug that will be fixed later, but it is annoying right now as I don’t want to have to circle back to fix notes that are too small. This discussion is interesting because there seem to be two narratives: I need more storage because I am doing X and 200 MB is too small. You should not be doing X. 200 MB is more than enough for anyone. I fall into the camp of “Don’t lecture me on what I should and should not be storing into Evernote.” You have your
  6. Is the current database encrypted at rest (on the disk)? I cannot find anywhere that addresses this question. I use Evernote quite a bit for personal and professional reasons. Recently I was issued a corporate laptop and would love to install EN on it, but the company regularly scans the data on the laptop. If I put EN on the corporate laptop, I would want assurances that the corporate scanning would not ingest all of the private data I have stored in EN. Currently I use the web version, and that’s fine, but a local copy would be even better. Does Evernote encrypt the database at res
  7. I came here to request the same. It looks like this is being addressed. It would be helpful for me to have the images appear in some deterministic order in the note.
  8. This is an update after the support request. I was told to download 10.1 and try it, so I did. I did not see any change. Instead, I switched all notebooks not to download, then one by one flipped them to download. The process took several days on the iPad and iPhone, but the iPad claims to have completed and the iPhone is almost done. I noticed that even though the 110 GB database is completely downloaded, the Settings app under General -> Storage claims that Evernote is using 1.18 GB. Clearly, monitoring this number is not indicative of download progress. I think that with many notebo
  9. I have opened support request 3193679 to address this issue, asking for guidance on how to download offline notebooks. I will post the resolution to this thread.
  10. My offline downloads are going backwards. Previously, Evernote was consuming 4.8 GB of storage. Today, EN is consuming 3.0 GB of storage. All notebooks are offline, pretending to download. I have 383 GB of free space on my iPad, so free space clearly is not the problem.
  11. That is a good point. It’s a shame that iOS EN cannot use my Mac as a cache and simply pull the notes from there. It is powered up on the local network.
  12. I am starting to convince myself that this is both an issue with iOS and with Evernote server capacity. A year or so ago, I had an issue that required uninstalling Evernote on the iPad, reinstalling and then downloading. I had expressed concern to EN support that a download would take a while, some 75 GB of data. Support told me it would happen within a few hours. I left the iPad on and the app in the foreground and let it rip. Within three or four hours, it had downloaded everything, sustaining about 100 Mb/s of read rate. Based on that, my current 112 GB database should easily download
  13. You are correct. The first six years I used EN I did exactly that: predicting which notebooks I would need when I lacked reliable and fast connectivity. It happened often enough that I was unable to predict what I would need and when I could connect that during my last hardware refresh, I opted to pay the extra $100 or so for additional storage and decided just to keep a local copy on the iPad and iPhone. From that moment forward, I never found myself needing a note that was not downloaded. That is, until I installed this version.
  14. Agreed on Magic Keyboard support. I recall that the following functionality was present in the previous version but is now missing: Command N creates a new note in the current notebook in the old but not current version Drag and drop of photos in split screen no longer works. I used this daily but it now seems to do nothing
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