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  1. Have you guys heart any updates on this matter? Seen different threads, but none really progressing - or I am just looking in the wrong corners...
  2. Guys, this is a very old thread - wondering, whether you guys are still using Evernote, and how you found a solution for the lack of an Amazon Alexa Skill for Evernote? Currently using ToDoist sync with the amazon shopping list - but this works only with the shoppinglist, while I have a lot more going on with Evernote (yet!) and would like to use Alexa ...
  3. @DjBea what are you. alternatives, you are opting for. Currently looking on switching back to Evernote while I am still on my paid subscription , until I ran into the above mentioned issues myself. At this moment, with the limited support, I am considering myself.
  4. Shane, wrote through PM as well. Frankly, this announcement, to the paying community to your employer, is insufficient. There had been beta etc. just dropping, not even preparing your content and still referring to the Apple pages for download, is extremely poorly handled. Kindly provide a timeline with a fix on this! Thx
  5. Same just occurred to me as well, Safari / Evernote Webclipper vanished. (OS Mojave 10.14.6 / Safari 13.0) Same as MS OneNotes as well - so it will be interesting, if the FREE Version vs the paid App (here Evernote), who will make the effort to have the Safari Extension fully up and supported. Hope there will be a solution, as I was just considering switching back and keep paying, a s MS OneNote is such a huge Ram eater.
  6. Thanks for sharing the codecacedemy . does not seem this complicated, building a skill! Really wondering, considering the vast post on these forums, when evernote may pickt this idea up?
  7. For which other countries is this available? I am in Germany and would be curious to test. Also just wondering, whether evernote is aiming to provide eventually an official skill!?!
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