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  1. I'am really not happy with the work of evernote team. I always thought evernote was a great idea, but since a long time evernote team seems to be lost... Long time a limit with 250 notebook, support telling me, several years : impossible to remove this limit : finally you make the impossible ? Evernote is always slow when searching on my Mac Pro Xeon 3.5Ghz 6 Core & 128Go Ram.... And slow for others things. Same searchs in gmail are 100 times faster.... New trouble last month : my default notebook has been change.... ? No Full encryption of all notebook... Never, in evernote world, privacy doesn't exist... (also a great feature that send you each of search to microsoft and others...) When Webclipper is update : settings are reset... we the automatic (stupid) feature notebook so i have to search in witch notebook are my captures ! In evernote mac, with an update : the button trash as been removed ! the genius in evernote team things it's better to right click to get this feature, than one click to button ! And lot's of others things... Be happy : because i am preparing my migration and you won't see me telling all wrong things in evernote.... everwrong.
  2. Ok, thanks you ! But i think evernote team read the forum, if they don't : it's not serious ?
  3. Thanks you, but i don't ask how to find new clips but i ask Evernote team to not reset extention parameter when updating...
  4. The clipper was updated and it reset my settings. Not happy with that : the defaults are "smart filing", that put my capture in random notebooks, and i cant find my captures... It change the settings without telling... so i was using it, thinking it was the same before.
  5. Still the same, evernote team add features no really useful like chat, but don't work on bases. Like choosing the picture.
  6. Moleskine books have always been a little pricier than others (you get what you pay for--this is one high quality notebook), and it is often the case that Evernote (and other companies) roll products out on different platforms at different times, depending on all sorts of factors. They are obviously committed to Android, and sometimes even release products there first, so I think what this announcement means is that Evernote will now be even easier and more enjoyable to integrate into your life. Sounds cool to me, even if it isn't on my Nexus just yet I agree with pricer.. I don't agree with "high quality"... when i write on a page, the paper is so bad quality (so fin) that i can see ink from the other side... I was very disappointed... So i write only one side... witch make two times more expansive... Reverside side : http://goo.gl/5iFF4U Transparency (see what's write on the other page...) : http://goo.gl/OrVrj3 (don't try to read... it's about a talk on quantum physics !) The other page by transparency
  7. I don't like the idea of stickers... i think another way could be to use a defined zone on the page where we can apply an handwrite Sign will be recognized : +,*,=,&,Δ,≈, #,......
  8. I'am also waiting for this feature. I had ask about it long time ago (years...). Like for replacing text or expressions in multiple notes.
  9. I'am also waiting for this feature : one-click saving PDF from the browser. And best feature would be save "all pdf" or "only current page".
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