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  1. I'am really not happy with the work of evernote team. I always thought evernote was a great idea, but since a long time evernote team seems to be lost... Long time a limit with 250 notebook, support telling me, several years : impossible to remove this limit : finally you make the impossible ? Evernote is always slow when searching on my Mac Pro Xeon 3.5Ghz 6 Core & 128Go Ram.... And slow for others things. Same searchs in gmail are 100 times faster.... New trouble last month : my default notebook has been change.... ? No Full encryption of all notebook... Never, in evernote world, privacy doesn't exist... (also a great feature that send you each of search to microsoft and others...) When Webclipper is update : settings are reset... we the automatic (stupid) feature notebook so i have to search in witch notebook are my captures ! In evernote mac, with an update : the button trash as been removed ! the genius in evernote team things it's better to right click to get this feature, than one click to button ! And lot's of others things... Be happy : because i am preparing my migration and you won't see me telling all wrong things in evernote.... everwrong.
  2. I have an archive of the email of the support written "impossible for technical reason".... Maybe evernote team start to listen... Maybe they will add encrypt for whole notes... we can dream !
  3. Awakening ? Support tells me "it's impossible" to get more than 250...
  4. Ok, thanks you ! But i think evernote team read the forum, if they don't : it's not serious ?
  5. Thanks you, but i don't ask how to find new clips but i ask Evernote team to not reset extention parameter when updating...
  6. The clipper was updated and it reset my settings. Not happy with that : the defaults are "smart filing", that put my capture in random notebooks, and i cant find my captures... It change the settings without telling... so i was using it, thinking it was the same before.
  7. I'am still waiting evernote team to listen for their customers... In the futur you will remove this limit, why waiting more ? This limit is absurd and don't have sense. I've just read a text Evernote sent me from Stacy Harmon : She prefer Notebook... ( https://blog.evernote.com/fr/2018/06/08/sorganiser-avec-carnets/?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EVN-ENG-NLS-EM-88-8888-Newsletter_062718&utm_content=button ) I don't like answer from support : It's a technical limit, we can't do more ! In software limits are where you to place it... Maybe some of users dont need more than 250 notebook, i think i'am not the only one that would like more than 250. I'am not happy with the choice of evernote team : Adding features that i don't need, and don't add basic missing features (like search & replace expressions across notes). It's seems to have no collaboration between evernote team and users. Notes and data store in evernote are not private. When i tell to support My data on evernote servers are not encrypted, so evernote team can read my notes.... The answer is : "data are encrypted between your computer and our server". And they may say " we have strict policy.... no one in evernote team will read your notes", how many times it happen in lots of company with same policy, private user data have been stolen by member of the team or pirat ? If notes was encrypted on the evernote server, it would be more secure. And also encryption may be done in local files. As i told before, i like the evernote concept. i think it as a great potential, but now it's going wrong.
  8. I was sure to get this answer... I know how to use tags... But what i ask is more notebooks ! Please start to listen your customers...
  9. I'am premium user since 2010 and i have enough with the 250 limit for notebook ! (remember something like 640kb should be enough).
  10. Thanks you for your answer. You tell "there are serious" : but facts are : No answers to tickets, No solving of a bug since more than 6 months. No apologies. Why ticket on website if need to ask with tweeter ? So here are ticket numbers with no answer : 1252898 - 1462484 - 1447814 - 1369069 - 1374629 (and now : 1504428)
  11. Is Evernote a serious company ? 3 Tickets : no answer ! Having same bug since more than 6 months, and now the support stop answer me. ?
  12. 6 Months after opening ticket : Still the same trouble, sync seems to have 700ko/s limit in download. And still the same after several reinstall, also after fresh osx install. Support ask me to delete some notes, nothing change.
  13. Why not a problem ? Strange thinking... When search are made in evernote client : results are only in synched notes, so miss a lot. It's normal for you the sync never end after 3 months ? Sync may use the maximum speed of internet connection and take less time possible. Also when opening a note which wasn't sync, it take more times. Cannot use offline.
  14. Sync max 750ko/s on download. Connected to internet with fiber 65Mb Down & 6.5Mb Up. Using Macbook Pro 15" i7" 2.6Ghz / El Capitan. (Fresh new install) (i easily see the speed with istat menu & confirmed with other softwares). When i open a note that wasn't synched, the attachement are downloaded at also 750ko/s Evernote support open a ticket on 28 september : the problem is still the same now, 2 month later. Evernote support told me they don't limit the sync speed. No speed limitation ? It's hard for me to believe it ! And always the same max speed. What's speed do you sync ?
  15. I've just discover that evernote add a redirect link via their server when i add a link in a note. if i add "http://yourlink.com" i get "https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action?dest=http://yourlink.com" i really find evernote too inquisitive.
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