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  1. It's November 21 and I just had this ipad upgrade forced on me. Now i can't edit my notes. Why are you still pushing out this broken update? It's been broken for a month now. Why am I paying for this. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!
  2. Hey! Cool! Thanks Damian, looking forward to trying it. Remember to include Igloo Mode!
  3. Hah! It took a while for me to get the joke! Canadians are a little slow on the uptake, eh?
  4. Thanks DTLow, I did see that but the skill won't load for me and I don't see it listed. Maybe because I'm in Canada? Appreciate the suggestion though!
  5. Where is the Evernote Skill for Alexa? There are so many useless skills for Alexa, so it couldn't be that hard to create one. Surely Evernote could do this?
  6. Me: "Alexa, enable the My Notebook skill" Alexa: "I can't find that skill" Is it because I'm in Canada?
  7. Another request. This is really annoying that with each update, I have to repin EN to the Taskbar. Is there at least a registry edit or a batch fine that we could schedule to automate this? Any workaround at all???
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