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  1. Hey! Cool! Thanks Damian, looking forward to trying it. Remember to include Igloo Mode!
  2. Hah! It took a while for me to get the joke! Canadians are a little slow on the uptake, eh?
  3. Thanks DTLow, I did see that but the skill won't load for me and I don't see it listed. Maybe because I'm in Canada? Appreciate the suggestion though!
  4. Where is the Evernote Skill for Alexa? There are so many useless skills for Alexa, so it couldn't be that hard to create one. Surely Evernote could do this?
  5. Me: "Alexa, enable the My Notebook skill" Alexa: "I can't find that skill" Is it because I'm in Canada?
  6. I'm getting the same thing. Driving me nuts. Might be time to switch to OneNote.
  7. Another request. This is really annoying that with each update, I have to repin EN to the Taskbar. Is there at least a registry edit or a batch fine that we could schedule to automate this? Any workaround at all???
  8. Not true. My Notebooks do not appear to be sorted in any apparent order. For example: Funnies Justine Medical Chores and so on. These are noetbooks - not notes. There's no apparent way to sort them.
  9. Any word of a fix? This is really frustrating. I don't want to switch to OneNote, but it seems to be the only viable solution. Evernote team - can you please at least give us some idea if or when this might be fixed?
  10. Thanks jefito, You were right. I had a buggy install. I used revo uninstaller to remove it completely, and then reinstalled, and now it's working great! Still no Jump lists, but that's OK.
  11. After I installed the new version of Evernote, when I run evernote, it appears on the w7 taskbar, but there's no option to pin it. When I right click the evernote icon on the taskbar, there are task options, and a close option, but no option to pin. Also, the evernote icon on the taskbar is no longer the nice green elephant - it's now the ugly default Windows icon that appears when windows cannot find the correct icon. Previously I could pin Evernote to the taskbar, but Jump lists didn't work, or were not available. That's why I installed the latest version. Now, Jumlists still don't work, and I have new problems. I has a sad. It all still works, and Evernote still rocks, but it's not quite as spiffy as it was before I upgraded.
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