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  1. Hi, Appreciating that we Premium users have a 100,000 note limit, is there a method we can check how many Notes we have created? Edit: just noticed everyone has the same Note Limit.
  2. Does having 'local notebooks' mean the size of your files are taken from your computer's harddrive as opposed to cloud storage? Another question I have is regarding 'encrypting selected text' - when I highlight a chunk of text from my Notes, the encryption is disabled. Why is that the case? The macro question is why can't we just encrypt a whole Note?
  3. Another simple function or feature, which takes insignificant resources to add, is neglected by the EN team.
  4. It's a head-scratcher, that's for sure. You've got to question WHY the Evernote team refuses to implement this improvement. Is there an ulterior motive?
  5. Evernote team, It's been years of a single simple request. Please add sorting in tables. Regards, J
  6. Yes, I would love this feature. How do I get consideration from the Evernote team for this? (PS: why does my "Subscription" state -- under my name -- that it is "BASIC" when in fact I'm an active PREMIUM user? )
  7. Christ, you're like a Productivity God.
  8. Im on Version 7.2.1 on a Mac and i'm still experiencing this issue. Specifically, when I copy (some text) and paste it on a new line, EN scrolls the page up a few paragraphs -- not to the top of the page as many of you have mentioned. Solutions anyone?
  9. Hi team, Question: I've uploaded a small (8mb) ebook in PDF form onto EN (premium). However, the EN search function cannot locate any words in the document. (Image: https://ibb.co/d3OACd) If it helps, "Note Information" displays: "No images to index" Any solutions? Cheers, Jason
  10. Hi, This is the major flaw in what is otherwise an impressive software. If anyone can provide a solution or at least an update on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. It's odd, I tried that method, adhering to those instructions and I haven't been successful. Any ideas why?
  12. Hi, Has EN produced a fix for this yet? The above fix provided by scttdb no longer works. Thank you in advanced. Jason
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