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  1. Crappy, cumbersome solution is to Export the note to HTML then copy and paste it into Word.
  2. If I make a bulleted list in Evernote then try to copy and paste it into Microsoft Word the formatting goes all wonky. The bullets lose their hierarchy in Word (they all appear left justified) though they still maintain their style. There is no simple way to remedy this. This undermines Evernote's role in Office-related workflows. Add onto this the recent dramatic loss of privacy which allows Evernote employees to read my notes and it may be time to just switch to OneNote. Even if you paste it as unformatted text it still includes hyphens at the start of every line. Any way to get a bulleted list to be formatted correctly when pasting into Microsoft Word and other MS products?
  3. I have created several notes in Skitch and added them to an Evernote notebook. When I first create the note in Skitch it is possible to drag a PDF of the note to the desktop. However, once the note has been added to Evernote I can open the note back into Skitch but it loses the ability to export to PDF. Now that I've done all this work in Skitch and saved my notes to Evernote I seem to have lost functionality. I only get one shot to save to PDF, so if I ever want to edit a Skitch note I don't get to ever save it as a PDF again? I must be missing something?
  4. Perhaps you just read the title and didn't read my post. The problem is that I DID change my hotkey to CTRL-ALT-N but Evernote is still capturing ALT-N as well. Actually, now that I think of it I wish I could change the title to this post. It really has nothing to do with the international keyboard, and everything to do with a bug in Everynote's hotkey capture system.
  5. In the Windows version of Evernote there seems to be a hotkey problem. Currently my New Note hotkey is set to CTRL-ALT-N. However if I have Evernote open when I press ALT-N in any other app (on international keyboards, this is the key to get the ñ character) it does not print the ñ but instead opens a new Evernote note. It seems that Evernote is opening a new note regardless of the absence of the CTRL key. Not sure if this is just an OS issue or if it is in the way that Evernote has registered the key listener in Windows.
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