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  1. Is it possible to open a new note ready to type-in by clicking the shortcut, when EN is not running in background? Like a sticky note works. After typing in, the stuff gets added to EN database and later can be synced. For my PC, loading takes time, each time I try to make a new note. EN would load and open database. I don't want to run entire EN in back as it consumes resource. Any workaround. Platform: Windows 10 EN application.
  2. I use Win 7 and 10. No problem with me as such. Do the same notes contain any pdf or image?
  3. How many levels of tags do you use? If it is more than two, do you also prefix the grandchild with the grandparent tagname. I use 4 levels.
  4. I also have the same question. Thanks for asking it.
  5. Which platforms you and your friend are working on? please mention.
  6. YES, Thanks for elaborating it. As mentioned earlier, using the EN Windows app clipping feature, I was successfully able to clip this PDF. Currently I am using that only. Evernote team should take note of it.
  7. Yup, I chose Screenshot (which I think is same as snapshot). Pl. check the image. PDF option is there, but I wanted to clip a portion of the entire PDF.
  8. I tried on another PC. It was Windows 7 + Chrome. With web clipper, the same problem.
  9. Hi @CalS I tried using EN windows app, It worked as expected. however, when I try using web clipper, it has this problem. If you use Windows + Chrome, I am sharing the web link http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/files/acad_cal1920.pdf please check.
  10. I realise that the top left corner of the screenshot is also shifted. It seems a bug to me.
  11. Is there a maximum screen cut size for screenshot mode of web clipper? I am taking this screenshot of a pdf which is opened in Chrome (As I want only that part of PDF). Though I can see the entire screen at once, but what gets clipped is smaller than what i wanted. Have a look at the screen captures. I am using Windows 10. Image1: what I get Image2: what I wanted.
  12. Only text within the note editor can be passphrase protected. Not the horizontal line, table, image, pdf, etc.
  13. Thank You for this clarification. I appreciation EN team for reaching to their customers and ensuring their notes' security.
  14. Yup you got it right. I am using EN on windows. Any way to do it on windows? I prefer to use EN PC.
  15. Say, In order to search for a note I selected the tags ($-books and <-engineering) from the filter by tag box. The ""<-engineering" tag also has many children tags (which i don't want to search in). The list of notes come up have children tags associated with them. Is there a way I can only search the notes tagged in only "$-books" and "<-engineering" tags (not the children tags of <-engineering tag) using the "filter-by-tag" search box. PS: I know one way could be to go to settings and select the option not to choose the child tags OR select only the tag "<-engineering" from the Left panel. I want to do this from "filter by tag" which is convenient for me unlike other options.
  16. I have done the same thing, the new password is unique to the EN (the same p/w is not being used on any other site). I use my college's private network, which IMHO is fairly strong. However, the strange thing is the App/device shown, is mine (Desktop-IHFTEAJ).
  17. I have never been to US, nor I use VPN service for my laptop. but my EN account seems to have been accessed from US. I have changed my password to a stronger level with the help of Password manager after noticing this. Please look at the attached image. Any body to clear this what has happened in this case.
  18. I agree with you that people should pay for what they want. I am a student and i don't mind paying (the current pricing) for EN premium-ship. With the premium service in hand, I can search inside all the PDF, books, images instantly, can access the notes offline (mobile) and on personal PC, college PC, my mobile (over two devices), AI suggested notes, version history of notes. Besides data security, and not losing any of it, for students, search feature should not miss any relevant note (that may happen because of poor OCR algorithm or whatever reason), which might cost them in their exams and later in their future.
  19. Evernote Chrome extension vulnerability allowed attackers to steal 4.7M users' data [Click Here] This is of grave concern, EN.
  20. I am using latest EN version on Windows 10 platform. I have been noticing an issue that whenever I cut an object from a note, thereafter I try to click on another note where the cut object has to be pasted, EN hangs (and says Evernote not responding). However, after sometime, EN restores itself, but this process takes somewhere not less than 10 sec. Has it been reported before?
  21. I agree with it. Doesn't matter, if I get to see SHARE button all the time. I appreciate Ian and the team for their efforts. I hope soon we get different colour highlighter (not just yellow), which is necessary for students. "Semantic header" too seems to be very useful for students to create the outline of a topic/subject.
  22. Is the PDF viewer in EN on my Windows 7 and 10 changeable? I want to change it with some other viewer which gives option of moving to next/previous page by clicking on icon instead of rolling up/down the mouse key or opening in another app, which I find it pretty annoying. Thanks in advance,
  23. Thank you for your prompt response, I thought it was possible to do if the web-clipper could do it in EN editor. Anyway, a good suggestion that It can be done using ''word wrap" feature in MS word.
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