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  1. I am still unable to tag notes clipped in IOS. the Box pops up to enter a tag, I type in a tag (no other option) and hit enter - nothing happens. Have to back out of that and just tag it in desktop. This used to work very nicely. Any updates on this? Thanks
  2. I just received notification that an updated version of Evernote 10 is available. I reinstalled Legacy because the new version 10 was missing too many features. When I installed Evernote 10 previously, it removed the previous version of Evernote (6.25). I would be interested to see what improvements have been made in the latest Version 10 but don't want to have to reinstall Legacy. Anyone tried this yet? Thanks
  3. If you hit "reload" button a bunch of times it seems to eventually pull up Evernote in Chrome - at least that has worked most of the time for me.
  4. It appears that something was in the note that was captured from the web. Deleted the note and tried other notes and at this point, they seem to be maintaining formatting. Thanks
  5. Seems to lose all formatting -- loses underlining & italics -- not good!
  6. Just lost the bold formatting again for a section that was marked
  7. I highlight material in notes with bold so that I can easily find important info at a later time. Since most recent update, I have lost the bold formatting of recent notes. I just went back through and reformatted a note with bold and went back to check on it -- bold is gone again. This seems to be happening with most recent EN update. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Of course I have tried reloading the page ... a number of times. Just sits and says "waiting for www.evernote.com. Doesn't make any difference on what network.
  9. I have also been having difficulty logging into web client from Chromebook (so limited to Chrome). There is a significant delay in loading Evernote. Had a presentation to make last evening and just couldn't get it to load. Had to go to plan B. Eventually it did come up. Used to be able to bring it up pretty quickly.
  10. Please give us the ability to turn off automatic formatting - this is not helpful. Sometimes software tries to help too much and this is another instance. If there is a simple work around, that could work until this is fixed. There are quite a number of reason for me why this doesn't work. Thank you!
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