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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Gazumped I agree with you that EN should have been available to all users, but it is not. I did install it from the standard user account but had to provide the Admin password to do so. When I signed into the Admin account the EN folder was there with a dead shortcut to the EN executable. I thought it would be more like Microsoft Office, available to all users but it does not appear to be so and I haven't had time to research it yet. So my chosen solution is: 1 Install EN in the Admin account. 2. Sign into my regular EN premium account and download/sync all notes. 3.While still in the Admin account, move the EN database to a second drive in the same computer. 4.Log out of the Admin account. 5. Log into the Standard user account, this is the EN DB that has all of the working documents in it. 6.Used EN to move the standard user account DB to the same location as the Admin DB and allowed the standard DB to overwrite the Admin account DB. I have logged on to both accounts and briefly used EN and so far it seems as though both accounts will share the DB without issues. I plan on doing more research and will post anything I learn here. Thank you one and all for the help and please post here ( if you like) if you learn anything else. Respectfully, Robert Williamson
  2. Hello forum members; First of all I searched for an answer to this before posting and found nothing that fits exactly. My situation is this: I have one computer running Windows10 Education, and two user accounts, an Admin account and a standard user account for security, 95% of my work is done on the standard user account. I'm a college student and I use Evernote (Premium) for everything. The other 5 % done of my work is done on the Admin account and I need to access Evernote from that account also. Short of downloading a second copy of Evernote, is there a way to install the program once so both user accounts have access to the program from the start menu, and the same database is loaded in each instance. I do not use fast user switching, I use ctrl=alt+del to sign out so the database will not have simultaneous access attempts. Any ideas or help would be deeply appreciated. Respectfully, Robert Williamson
  3. Hello All; I have been using Evernote for about 4 years now and just went to the premium service. I am also in college and starting to write papers. I would like to see a bibliography and references ability added to Evernote. An article in a magazine saying Evernote wanted to be the only information manager you ever needed, convinced me to start using the application. It seems to me citations,bibliographies, and references are the lifeblood of anyone who writes. If Evernote really wants to be the best note taking solution for serious and professional writers, being able to add citations on-the-fly is critical. Regards, Robert Williamson
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