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  1. Over 50% of the time when I try to open a note, I get... Generally when I reload it's fine, but sometimes the whole thing just crashes and I need to force quite and reopen. I thought this was supposed to have been fixed already?
  2. How did y'all mess this up so badly? Does anyone have any recommendations on software to migrate to? I've been a dedicated Evernote user for years, but this is unuable and it's clear they don't plan to fix it.
  3. There was a workaround for this using Reminders in Windows, but because Evernote hates us they removed it in the new version. Should've known better than to update. Never trust a software company with such obvious disdain for their userbase. EDIT: please don't tell me to create shortcuts. I use multiple notebooks, one for each project, and I want each summary to show up at the top of that notebook. Having them in shortcuts does not solve my problem.
  4. I am begging you: please implement this feature. How is it possible that you haven't yet? It's extremely useful and all the similar notebook apps do this. I don't want to leave Evernote, I've been using it for years, but other apps are catching up and Evernote is lagging behind. If you let me pin notes to the top of a notebook I would buy Premium immediately. But if you won't, eventually I'll have to give up on Evernote. I know you don't give a ***** about a single customer, no matter how long they've been a user, but I can't be the only one who feels this way.
  5. Evernote recommends the "encrypt text" function as a replacement for password protected notebooks (which... I mean, fine, I guess, it's their software and they can do what they like with it). But it also autocorrects --- to a hard line. I like this--I like the horizontal line to break up sections of a long note. But the encrypt feature is greyed out whenever a horizontal line is selected. Is this a bug or is this intended?
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