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  1. Yes and I like it. A lot. Damn you evernote.... I guess I am being sucked back in...
  2. So I left evernote last year. Migrated to Apple notes. For many things notes works great - basically for storage. But fast forward to today. I have two things I am trying to do. 1. Book a vacation (flights, destinations, airbnb) 2. Buy a car - compare options, financing, record the dates that I lifted credit freezes etc. Turns out EN is soooo much easier to use for these kind of projects. Three things stand out. 1. Web clipper. It dominates any other application. It really does. 2. Linking notes. Ability to create a master vacation itinerary and
  3. I am linked to one google drive account, but I would like to switch to another. Anyone know how to do this?
  4. I exported my several thousand notes to Apples Notes. I did some pruning that was well over due - turns out I don’t need those airline confirmations from 5 years ago etc. After taking a while to sync up via iCloud, apple notes works fast and the search is great. I find my notes on all my devices and it just works. I also like the lack of clutter in the app. That’s the good. The bad is web clipping. Apple notes just doesn’t do a good job of this. My solution is to basically use Evernote as a temporary holding spot for my clips. I periodically go through them and decide whet
  5. This is very interesting... Even though I am trying to leave, this was an interesting interview.
  6. I guess I could try reinstalling, but Sunday morning, (using the new IOS app on Ipad), I pulled up a recipe. First - the search was a mess - it kept finding, then not finding what I was looking for - there was no stability in the results. Then I open the recipe and start cooking. I switch to another app and come back to evernote to find that it is back at the start page. I am sure that these things will be fixed. But here's the issue - and a brief history of evernote: 1. Create great app/services that work and people love them. 2. Release new version and break the app.
  7. I use EN really to store records - dogs vaccination records, my property tax bill, the receipt for my dishwasher. Those things live in notes now, but PDFs like past tax returns, user manual for the dishwasher are in dropbox. notion is where I create notes and ideas and where all my work stuff lives - tasks,projects,meetings etc. I gave up using Evernote as a one stop shop for everything years ago. But now it fails at just being a repository of information that I might need to access occasionally.
  8. My EN account says I’ve been a user since 2008. I am one of the early adopters and yet today is the day I say goodbye. I use EN as a filing cabinet. But the latest iterations don’t even achieve that humble goal. The past two versions on iOS are awful. My main gripe - if you open a note and then go to another app, EN seems to forget where it was. Defeats any point of multi tasking. The latest Mac version is unusable. That’s basically all I can say. As a subscriber, I just don’t have time for this. I’m now using apple notes and Dropbox as my filing cabinets. No
  9. Well I went back to the legacy version and all is well. Speedy as before. I should have learned my lesson by now that you never install the early versions of a new update.
  10. Well, lots of people talking about issues here. I've found that doing anything to multiple notes takes forever. Adding tags, deleting multiple notes etc. The performance of the new EN for mac is so bad its just awful. I really just use EN for filing stuff anyway, as I use Notion for actually creating things I want to look at and use. Still, this new "update" seems to be just a shiny interface and at the expense of speed.
  11. UPDATE: turns out that rebuilding the search index fixed the problem Thanks PinkElephant!
  12. I never realized that existed. I'll give it a shot - although I am not on that computer right now!
  13. Yes all the notebooks are in the same stack. It works on one computer, not on the other. My guess is that it is some OS issue. I should probably file a ticket.
  14. OK - I restarted my mac, and reinstalled EN. This error only occurs on one computer, not the other! I added a new tag to AD F&AA notes then did the filter then deleted the new tag and now they show up in full. But some other notes are missing. It's an issue because I really rely on the filter as a quick way of looking for stuff, and if I can't be 100% sure that the notes are there, then the whole "trusted system" falls apart! Here's the two lists; First All notes, the just the GTD stack. You can see the differences.
  15. One further bit of information - this problem only occurs on one of my two mac books (the older one). I might reinstall EN on it to see if that fixes it.
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