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  1. I have the same problem with my surface 3. I can swipe up and down in the notes list to see the notes, but swiping with my finger in a note just seems to highlight text in the note and not scroll the note. This is very inconsistent with other apps. It's frustrating as I have to try to manipulate the tiny scroll bar on the right to scroll the note instead Is there a way to change this behavior? Thanks
  2. 1. The latest version of IOS and evernote 2. OK - I didn't realize that was an option. I will try that.
  3. Does anyone else get this when they are trying to open EN in IOS? It's very frustrating. I can't get to the passcode screen, but somehow, after random button pressing, the keypad goes away and I can login.
  4. I've been an EN user since 2008. But about a year ago, after getting a nice shiny Surface 3 tablet, I thought I'd give onenote a shot. I was still using EN for all my personal stuff - capturing receipts etc, but thought it might be nice to use ON for work. The trouble is, I actually do most of my work on my mac. This is where I started to quickly realize the folly of moving from EN to ON, particular in the case of a mac user, but many of these frustrations are also on the Windows version of ON. So for those thinking about switching from EN to OneNote, here are some of the issues you might deal with. In Onenote: 1. You can't sort pages automatically. In EN you can sort to your heart's content on date, size, created, name... 2. In the Mac version of Onenote, you can't create tags. You can use pre-made tags. 3. In the windows version, as far as I can tell you can't create tags on the fly - like when you create a note. You have to make them and assign an icon to them. It's about 20 steps. 4. Searching for tags is not intuitive. While EN has a single search bar, ON has different places for searching. 5. You can make a note a subpage in ON, but when you move the parent page, the subpage doesn't move with it. Put another way in ON subpage means "indent". 6. You can't customize the layout very much. 7. You can now use the pen on EN to "ink" notes. Even for Surface 3 models. 8. I don't think you can merge notes in ON. 9. The apps for ON are, for want of a better word "chunky". There seems to be a lot of real estate wasted. 10. You can change the width of the various page elements in ON for mac. So if you have long note names, you won't be able to see the whole name. And here's where ON wins: You can customize the heck out of your note - fonts, colors, layout etc - it works very nicely with other MS office products. If you like making nice looking notes, then ON is much better than ENs more rudimentary functions. Thankfully, EN for windows has a very nice and easy to use import function to import ON notes. No such function exists on the Mac version though. I am not an obsessive EN user, but I've learned the hard way that it's the little details that I missed. Just my 2 cents...
  5. Ha figured it out: Right click on note Select:Substitutions Uncheck: Smart Dashes.
  6. I use evernote for tabs (guitar music). I want to have ------------ in a note, but often when I edit, EN converts the dashes to a single solid line. This is not what I want. See the pic - the dashes before the "2" have been converted to a straight line. I've tried "simplify formatting" and "format as plain text" to know avail. Very frustrating.
  7. For anyone who is interested in EN and GTD, I strongly recommend that you check out this ebook. http://www.afterthebook.com/master-david-allens-gtd-with-evernote/ It is the most thorough, detailed ebook on EN integration and GTD that I've had the pleasure of reading. I've found most other guides to be rather light weight - too much on what EN is and then only a little on using EN for GTD. This book is a deep dive. If you want to create a very robust system that can handle a wide range of tasks and projects, then this is for you. The author has videos which outline the method, but the book provides a clear recipe for setting it all up. As an added bonus, he offers a section on searches that allow you to analyze your tasks and perform house keeping on your GTD system. Although you can learn a lot from the videos, the book is worth having for the detail. For the record, I am completely unaffiliated with the author, just a happy customer. Cheers
  8. I don't have experience using outlook with EN. I use gmail which works great.
  9. If you use the web clipper to clip emails it will do so with a link to the original email in gmail. I do this a lot. But if you just forward the email and then archive it you'll need to either create a new email to follow up or do a search for the old email.
  10. It does surprise me that EN developers seem to think that reworking the entire interface every few editions is a good thing. It is not. Why do they keep doing this? The current versions is horribly cluttered. The green interface is horrible and hard to read. At least provide some degree of customization. For example, shortcuts is fine but a lot of people don't use it - I know I don't. So let us hide that panel. Showing the last two notes as tiles in the notes panel is pointless because on the iphone no one can read tiles that small. So yet again the EN IOS developers try to reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of nice interfaces for IOS - just look at wunderlist - a simple format that works. I tolerate this because I am a heavy EN user - but tolerate is the word. I don't enjoy using EN on IOS - I just suck it up and try to do the heavy lifting in the mac or windows program.
  11. My experience is that it occurs most often with attachments. I don't think I get the error without them. I've also talked to tech support. I've done the full uninstall etc but still I see the problem from time to time.
  12. I have a tasks notebook which contains my tasks. I use reminders for the tasks and when I am done I check them off. I now want to search through the notebook and find all notes that don't have a reminder so that I can archive them to another notebook. Any suggestions on how to do this? Basically search for the presence or absence of a reminder?
  13. I am having the same issue with v5.1.2. Mac OSX. Sometimes notes don't move to their correct notebook. Restarting evernote doesn't seem to help. It also seems to occur for the notes with large pdf attachments.
  14. Just to confirm what everyone else reports - I cannot sync photos in notes from my iphone. Emailing them works fine. Very annoying. Plus, it undermines the benefit of the note camera thing - for taking pics of moleskine notes.
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