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  1. UPDATE: turns out that rebuilding the search index fixed the problem Thanks PinkElephant!
  2. I never realized that existed. I'll give it a shot - although I am not on that computer right now!
  3. Yes all the notebooks are in the same stack. It works on one computer, not on the other. My guess is that it is some OS issue. I should probably file a ticket.
  4. OK - I restarted my mac, and reinstalled EN. This error only occurs on one computer, not the other! I added a new tag to AD F&AA notes then did the filter then deleted the new tag and now they show up in full. But some other notes are missing. It's an issue because I really rely on the filter as a quick way of looking for stuff, and if I can't be 100% sure that the notes are there, then the whole "trusted system" falls apart! Here's the two lists; First All notes, the just the GTD stack. You can see the differences.
  5. One further bit of information - this problem only occurs on one of my two mac books (the older one). I might reinstall EN on it to see if that fixes it.
  6. MAC OS: I agree - it shouldn't matter - but here's what I find: Here is "All Notes" And then the "GTD" Note that the notes are all in the same note book "Project: AD F&AA" Yet, when applied to GTD, the filter misses some of the notes.
  7. I have a stack called GTD. In the stack are project folders with notes. Some of those notes are tagged !next When I search using the search box for "tag:!next" I get all the notes with that tag. However, when I use the "Filter by Tag" option, it seems to miss some notes. But when I select All Notes and filter by tag, I see them all. For some reason, it appears that Filter by Tag doesn't capture all the notes in a stack of notebooks. Clearly this is a bit of a problem for my workflow! Anyone else have this issue?
  8. That's very helpful. I didn't realize that "any" would apply to "tag". I thought any only applied to words.
  9. I am pretty sure I know that this isn't possible, but just in case - I want to search for the following tag:next and/or todo:false. I know EN doesn't do boolean, just wondering if there is a clever work around!
  10. This drives me crazy. It refreshes at every opportunity taking me back to the home screen. I have to say EN for IOS and IPad is awful. A truly painful experience.
  11. In EN for the MAC when I am in a note I don't see a reminder/clock button in the little tool bar for the note. All there is is a space for tags and a green share button. I can click on the dots to the right of the share button to get a drop down menu for reminders, but this is annoying. Anybody know how to get the clock button back? Pic attached..showing an absence of buttons!
  12. DOH! I just realized I can add a reminder with no date. This is basically just special tag. Never realized this!
  13. Quick follow on question. By using reminders, you are setting a due date for all tasks - correct?
  14. Very interesting. I think I need to learn more about the syntax for the reminder searches.
  15. I know this thread is a bit old, but my question is how do you complete tasks? I've found that any GTD based system always involves a lot of removing of tags once a task is complete otherwise the task/note keeps showing up. I know you could just delete the task/note, but that doesn't seem right to me - I like a record of what I've done. How do you manage the "task completion process?"
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