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  1. Out of curiosity, what's the size of your local Evernote DB file?
  2. solved by removing/adding back chrome extention simples
  3. Agree with this, however it does not explain the issue I am experiencing (with all respect). I tried webclipper on firefox (same macos) and it worked for "fat" and mobile client straight away. Then tried webclipper again on chrome and mobile client had a "new note" created, "fat" client still showing no new notes. Anyway, it should be some "phantom pain", should go away if I try few simple steps (i.e. cache clearing, restart etc...) thanks for info
  4. Hi I am unable to classify this type of behaviour. When saving clips from webclipper (on chrome, macos) it shows a success message, checking webclipper logs also positive (note uploaded). However it then does not appear anywhere on the "fat client" (activity log shows no errors) as well as web (browser) based client. However it does appear on the mobile (ios) client. To me it looks like some EN backend storage sync issue (hypothesizing here greatly). Any advice?
  5. How to add a Saved Search into Shortcut list, could you explain? Thanks.
  6. thanks both for suggestions, I was looking for a more natural way within Evernote search itself, may be using specific operators I wasn't aware of.
  7. Hi there, When I search for notes tagged with specific "Tag1", Evernote returns all notes containing "Tag1" and "other tags" (default behaviour). Instead of filtering out "other tags" by using "-Tag" search feature, is there way to search for notes tagged with 1 and only "Tag1"? Using "tag:Tag1 AND -tag:*" obviously yields 0 returns. Using "tag:Tag1 -tag:OtherTag1 -tag:OtherTag2 -tag:OtherTag3" is tedious and requires knowledge of "OtherTags". Happy Christmas.
  8. Same symptoms on my MCB Pro. Had to remove this option from context menu, not using it anyway, looks ugly.
  9. This new unmovable, unchangeable, "SHARE" button in the top right is just not right, to say lightly
  10. I tried using Safari and Firefox on Mac and it aligns text properly in both cases, like it was before. So it is either new chrome or webclipper for chrome
  11. this is how it used to be, although it might be a browser thing as well chrome on mac
  12. Up until recent times (can't remember exactly when) the typical webpage clipped in "Simplified article" mode used to align/spread text in "justified" like mode. But now, the text is aligned alongside the center of the note body. Anyone experiences similar behaviour? I've attached two screenshots for comparison (ignore context please)
  13. https://www.magicwhiteboard.co.uk/
  14. Just "discovered" that Evernote crops and aligns Magic Whiteboard sheet perfectly. Using them a lot to make notes at work and at home. This particular sheet was not on a contrasting background, the wall was painted magnolia. Could not use the flashlight though, as the surface is glossy. Well done evernote team.
  15. *action root tag is used for sticky notes and corresponding reminder timeouts. Red - *urgent - 24 hrs Yellow - *when possible - 72 hrs Blue - *waiting for response - 5 days Green - *read - 5 days *archive - when the task is done, it goes under this tag
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