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  1. I'm deeply disappointed, this is creepy as hell. What I really want out of Evernote is a place where I can write notes on either my Mac or my Android phone and read them on both devices. That's it. No machine learning. No human snooping. Ideally every note would be strongly encrypted with only me knowing the key, not Evernote. I've been a paid subscriber for years and really like Evernote, but this has me re-thinking my reliance on Evernote. At the very least, it's incredibly tone-deaf as to what users really want. I've never thought, "Golly, I'd really like some algorithms, and occasionally people, to read my files." Never. But you know what I think all the freaking time? I think, "I would like more companies to respect my privacy and security above all other concerns."
  2. Hmmm... you're right. It must be that I habitually just paste, instead of "paste without format", when creating notes. It's so easy to fall off the wagon and do something small that makes it a non-text note forever after. It would still be tremendously helpful to "mark" the note as "text forever". Or to have a button "convert to text note", or something.
  3. Not just you . . . +1 for me. Yep. 90% of the time I want to view a note, 9% I want to edit a note (NOT append!), 1% I want to create a new note from scratch. The main screen should reflect this use pattern.
  4. Is there a reason that the full notes (certainly for short text notes) can't be stored on the device and "synced" to the web when a connection is available? That's how the desktop version works.
  5. Dave, being able to edit notes on my Android mobile is very important. In fact, it's much more important than having all the fonts and other rich text features AT ALL. Although the best solution would be full editing of rich text on Android, many of us would settle for an easy way to create a true text-only note on the Mac/PC that could be edited on Android. I'd much rather have edit functionality than rich text, if given the choice. It's kind of weird that if you edit a note on the Mac -- ever -- then it is forever uneditable on Android. Anyway, if you are stuck with "plain text editing only" on Android, perhaps you could throw us a bone by adding a feature for the desktop version that allows creation of text-only notes, and allows us to edit on the desktop without losing the text-only property.
  6. Dave, please let me know if you need a volunteer to test any fixes you have. Evernote is essentially useless to me in the current state, so I have nothing to lose.
  7. @engberg: What's the status on this? It's been festering for a couple weeks, and makes my (paid pro!) Evernote subscription all but useless. Is there any ETA?
  8. Yes, yes, yes, by far the most common thing I do from my mobile is to read an existing note, and it's usually easiest to just pick it by the title rather than have to type in a search term. My Evernote experience would be nearly frictionless if launching the app took me straight to the list of notes, with an unobtrusive "add note" button somewhere for the 3% of the time that I need it.
  9. Many of my Evernote notes are sorted lists, or at least intended to be so, or contain text within them that I'd like sorted. It's a pain when adding new entries to have to add them to just the right spot to maintain alphabetical order. It would be really nice to have a feature where you could edit a section of a note (a subset of the lines, say, or Cmd-A to select all lines) and then a command that alphabetically sorts those lines.
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