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  1. So the two devices sync to the master copy on the server and the web uses this copy. If that's the case I really don't understand how I can make changes on both clients and these changes sync to both Android and the Legacy program but aren't visible on the web.
  2. If the two devices have the exact same notes, then which one has a "sync problem"?
  3. Off. My Android and Computer Legacy sync together but just not the web. Tells me it syncs to server if those two devices are reflecting changes. Not sure why the Web doesn't...still waiting on a help ticket response.
  4. I have 6.25 and the older Android app and just noticed when I was logging into the web that things aren't syncing. I rarely use the web version but last time I checked things were still syncing. Did I miss a change or an announcement?
  5. Thanks. I'll have to take the chance. I pay for this software and its unusable on my phone in its current state.
  6. I don't have a video and there's no need. Take a look around, you're the exception to the majority of user's experiences with this terrible update. Consecutive 1 star reviews on the play store for as long as you can scroll.
  7. Current version is horrendous. I have Legacy on my desktop and it works fine, just need something for the phone as its currently unusable.
  8. This aged poorly. Here we are in May and the app kills half my battery before it loads. Complete trash.
  9. Has this function been added yet or should I remain with the Legacy version?
  10. I just upgraded from a S7 to an S9 and I can't seem to add multiple pictures to a note. I used to be able to go to my pictures, select multiple and then share to a new evernote note and it would work. It now only adds a single picture. If I go into a note and then try to attach multiple pictures the same thing happens...
  11. The previous version of the software allowed for easy copy and pasting of attached documents. Looks like this has been removed from the new version. Evernote always served as a file locker and now the process of getting info out of the software has been made more difficult. Time to downgrade.
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