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  1. I would really to add that keyboard shortcuts for text coloring would be really good. Even if it was just for a few colors.
  2. Thanks PinkElephant. 1. The last time I checked Evernote's advice was to post to these threads for support. I was under the impression that they didn't have a proper support line setup like most other software companies. 2. Multiple posts because I think it's such an asinine problem and I really wanted to make sure they didn't take away that functionality. That kind of action would be a deal breaker for me with the way I use the keyboard. There seem to be a few things lax with the way Evernote releases things and approach to the user experience. I hope they improve, there are a lot of good aspects to the product.
  3. I still want to dance around the text using the emacs keyboard shortcuts. Once you told me I'm in the tiny minority, I know, but I don't want to give up on that. I've been liking evernote more and more. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks. And Chrome is known to be a huge resource hog. I will say that I think things have gotten faster in the newer versions. But them messing up the ability to use control-a as it used to work (move cursor to the beginning of the line) has super pissed me off. Come on Evernote, stay consistent.
  5. A very common command to bring the cursor to the beginning of the line in text editors and command lines is control-a And this used to be exactly how it worked in evernote until recently and now it selects all the text in the note. Are we going to change this back? This is a huge bummer for people used to standard keyboard shortcuts. Thanks Jimmy
  6. It would be really nice to be able to expand and collapse a note using just a keyboard shortcut. I'm doing this all the time. Thanks very much.
  7. These layers are painful and I will say that EN has much more layers than even bulky Chrome. I've seen this issue a little bit with gmail but the EN update is the worst I've seen. It's bad for the brain.
  8. Thanks for your answer. This would be very smart as I only need a handful or more special shortcuts. Users get sad when functionality is taken away.
  9. This is a big bummer for the emacs keystroke people among us. What used to happen: You hit control + k and you would remove all text to the right of the cursor (kill) Then if you hit control + y it would paste it back on the screen to the right of where you cursor was (yank) What happens now: #1 above works but #2 doesn't. Again that's a big bummer. Kind of a big take away. Can we please bring it back? Better yet, lets dial in an emacs mode, or a vi/vim mode for those of us that like to minimize usage of the mouse. Thanks
  10. Keyboard Latency in the new version is way too slow. I'm on a OSX 10.15.7 (Catalina) and have your latest version. You can really see this by getting one of your guys that uses something like vi or emacs to type in both evernote or a terminal version of one of those editors and you'll see a huge difference. My typing errors are way up in your software simply because the brain is having trouble processing this lag time. How can we fix this?
  11. This is long long long overdue. If there is a work around or a way to do this I would love to hear it because I've been pretty frustrated without this feature that is standard in much weaker software. But all in all, I'm very happy with Evernote.
  12. No this is not. Evernote should have it's own Paste and Match Style, if even only for the premier users. Using an intermediate program isn't a great solution especially for a piece of software that does what Evernote is designed to do.
  13. Please make a keyboard shortcut to switch between open notes or tabs. Much needed.
  14. Hi, how do I get the beta editor in my desktop version? I already like itbetter.Feature request:We need in note hyperlinks where I click on something and then it takes meto a different part of the same document. I know I can link to another notebut I want to be able to link to different parts in the same note, like alot of other people on the forums.Thanks
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