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  1. Please make a keyboard shortcut to switch between open notes or tabs. Much needed.
  2. Hi, how do I get the beta editor in my desktop version? I already like itbetter.Feature request:We need in note hyperlinks where I click on something and then it takes meto a different part of the same document. I know I can link to another notebut I want to be able to link to different parts in the same note, like alot of other people on the forums.Thanks
  3. Full agreement. For those of us that work in and out of multiple notes this is a huge one. I find that I'm lost a lot because 'Work' or 'All Notes' doesn't help me When it should say 'Meeting Notes - 10/14/18' or 'Vanadium Pentoxide Research' Two very different things. You guys can do it, I know you can do it. Pass the string, just pass it in.
  4. I'm in full agreement with @blork, this is super annoying and unnecessary. Let's ditch it right away before it becomes a thing. I kept syncing thinking it would go away but of course that wasn't it. Thanks Evernote for getting rid of this usability bug.
  5. Evernote, What the ...??? This topic has been going on for almost 2 1/2 years and still nothing. Live collaborating on a single note. Premium users request and now for this long, demand this. This is simple stuff and can be a waste of time for some. I saw that some people above searched for a document that they thought they had only to dig deep to find it in the chat. I've done this multiple times, all confused. This is far from intuitive. "copy to notebook" and sharing a whole Notebook aren't good solutions. Let's all share a note like everyone on this thread thinks we should be able to do. Get on it Evernote coders, you can do it.
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