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  1. Awesome! Thanks JMichael and GrumpyMonkey!
  2. I'm running Evernote Mac App Store 5.5.1 and my font list is: Andale Mono Arial/Black Brush Script MT Comic Sans Georgia Impact Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana Times New Roman I like to document code in Evernote using a monospaced font. Andale Mono comes close, but its thickness makes it look a lot like Arial. Is there anyway to add new fonts, such as Courier New, to this list?
  3. I'm using Evernote 5.5.1 Mac App Store and when I type: "use strict"; ...Evernote automatically converts the dumb quotes to smart quotes: “use strict”; Any chance of adding a setting to prevent this from happening?
  4. I'm pasting in system directories into my Note. For example: C:\Users\rburnett\Sites\mysite\ Evernote is automatically formatting this into a link. I've highlighted it, right-clicked and clicked "Remove". I've also highlighted and pressed Ctrl+Shift+R. Unfortunately the link remains. How can I remove this link?
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