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  1. Ok, the blue plus option is helpful, thank you. On the video, everything is OK except for that "If you hit enter, it changes to a Checklist" at 0:49. That is a MAJOR TILT and no wonder you have comments turned off. Please don't change it to a checklist, it is extremely frustrating, or make it an option I can turn off on Windows and iOS. Also even in here in this forum I hate that you turn all links into embeds. That's even worse than my other current gripe: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/136931-preference-for-not-automatically-linking
  2. It is like jacob_solbux said here: "i want to be disable all hyperlinks. I hate when they are created whenever I type a website. I dont want a hyperlink for the majority of websites I am typing in Evernote. I am creating notes and lists for myself and I am accidentally always hitting the hyperlinks thus opening pages to websites I dont wanna open or see. Takes up time and memory and slows my progress and effectiveness of what I was trying to accomplish with Evernote."
  3. At some point a year or so ago, both Windows and iOS versions of the Checkboxes changed, so that by default, when you check the checkbox, it adds a strikethrough through the entire item. I truly hate that and wish it didn't do that. Think about a grocery list, which I've been using in Evernote for years. I want to check the items that I want to buy, and then when I've picked it up off the shelf, I uncheck it. Then I can scroll through my whole list and see what I still have to get. When they are on my list they are struck through which makes it much harder to read and is the opposite of my purpose. I also make tons of checkboxed lists of To Do items, and when they are done, I just want to check them, and not have them be crossed off. The easiest way to do this is to create the list, highlight them, and then click on Checklist on the toolbar. Or I would like to create one, press ENTER and have the next unchecked item started on the next row. I just want these to be checkboxes and not Evernote's "checklist." I also absolutely HATE when I have a grocery list that is formatted as checkboxes, not checklists, and I want to insert a new item, press ENTER, and it converts my whole list from checkboxes to Evernote's checklist. If I don't catch it right away it takes minutes later on to repair my document which is awful. I know about typing " []" to create a checkbox that is not a checklist, but again pressing ENTER messes it up. Just as it seems so many people say on these forums, can it go back to the way it was years ago before they were checklists? Probably not, so can you add an additional, perhaps optional toolbar option for checkbox? Or make a user preference for "checked checklist items strike through" that I can turn off. Thanks. Also I don't want to use the upcoming Task functionality as it also strikes through.
  4. Every time I paste a URL into a note, it makes a URL link. I never, ever want that. I know there is an option to "unlink" but it is time consuming. Could you possibly create a Preferences option where I can choose to never link URLs? Thanks. Also I see this older thread: where both the Ctrl+Shift+F9 and some kind of Format menu I don't see both don't work.
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