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  1. I copy and paste a lot of email addresses and have notes whose content is largely email addresses. They are maintained as plain text so that I can copy them to other places (without the blue formatting) but - most important - so that l can click on the note to make it active without triggering an new email. I used to be able to put a semicolon after each address and it would not recognize it as such. I could then copy/paste the addresses around and they stay plaintext. The new version broke this. Now, copying/pasting these triggers the hyperlink formatting. I then have to laboriously select each one - making sure NOT to click, as that triggers an email - and being sure to include exactly all characters in the address, not missing any and not having extras, then remove the link that I never wanted in the first place. I would be happy with any of: 1) restoring the previous behavior 2) being able to select a region of text which includes links and non-links, then removing all links in the region 3) having a preference setting to disable automatic link creation
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