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  1. Today I drag-n-dropped a keynote file into an Evernote note, as I've already done many times in the previous < 10.0 Mac version of Evernote. Evernote v.10.3.7 told me I can't import this file type, please try zipping it before importing (see first screenshot, in French but you get the idea). Zipping my file would prevent me from opening the file directly from Evernote, which is what I usually do. I *know* it is possible to import keynote files within Evernote as I have plenty of notes with this type of file (see the other screenshot). I can open such .key files just fine
  2. FYI I sometimes rethink the organisation of my notebooks and when that happens I move tons of notes from one notebook to another (for instance merging or splitting notebooks). Moving hundreds of notes from one notebook to another has never been a problem in previous versions of Evernote. A related problem is that since you can't select more than 50 notes at a time, you can't act on all the notes at once within a specific notebook. This is actually quite frequent if you want to tag plenty of notes at once.
  3. I had just clicked on a notebook in the sidebar and tried to select all notes by hitting cmd-A. This selected the text of the entire window, including the interface text. To select all notes I had to first select a note -- at that point cmd-A worked as it should, and selected all the notes.
  4. Hey all, I tried to move > 100 notes from one notebook to another. Only 50 notes were moved. It looks like there is a limit on the number of notes that can be moved in one go. This looks like a regression from version < 10.x. In addition, the interface does not make clear at all that only 50 notes are going to be moved. This can lead to problems.
  5. IPadOS, last evernote. I have an inbox notebook and 4 stacks. In the sidebar, where the stacks should be there is a large blank section.
  6. Is this still the right place to be informed about new Evernote Mac betas? There's been more than 2 months since the last beta. Are things happening somewhere else?
  7. This looks like a really well thought out feature. The implementation appears very solid. I can’t wait to use it. Kudos to everyone that worked on this. Also thanks for making the design process public, I really enjoy this series.
  8. The Evernote editor is already very powerful and flexible (on the mac), these changes look like nice improvements. The checkbox/outlining stuff is great. Nice!
  9. I too find the focus on the web version scary. Right now what I find most useful in Evernote compared to other notes offering is : extremely fast -- I can scroll through *all my notes* with virtually no lag on my mac, there are > 2500 notes. an informative overview layout -- in the Expanded Card View all my notes appear as thumbnails of what's inside, including images/PDFs and file icons for all the rest. In fullscreen I can show a 11 x 6 grid of notes = 66 notes. This is very helpful when trying to understand what is where. The current evernote web shows ~11 notes at a time, w
  10. Hello, in 7.10 beta 1, if I : screenshot a part of the screen (with cmd-shift-4), drag the thumbnail that shows up on the screen bottom-right corner drop it on the evernote icon in the Dock, or on the main evernote window nothing happens I would expect a new note to be created with the screenshot as the main content. It used to work.
  11. I might be delusional, but scrolling through the note list seems much smoother than before.
  12. I see the keyboard shortcut in the menu as well, but when I type it nothing happens. There does not seem to be any conflict with other keyboard shortcut. Weird.
  13. cmd-' has suddenly stopped moving the cursor to the tag field. Is this a known regression in 7.9?
  14. In a Card view (Expanded or not), I have a note selected towards the bottom of the list. For instance, the oldest note when sorted by most recent. In other words, the window is scrolled all the way down. When I select a note shown on screen and move it to another notebook (by drag-n-drop, or by Note > Move Note to...), the notes auto-scroll all the way up : as soon as the note is moved, I am shown the most recent notes. Because of this effect I lose the place where I was in the list of note Cards, and I have to find that place again. This makes it very difficult to go through a la
  15. This bug is still present in beta 3 to sum up: cmd-backspace deletes the note when the cursor is in the title field of a note opened in its own window (I'm in expanded card view)
  16. I believe the "cmd-backspace deletes the note when in the title field of a note opened in its own window" bug is fixed, so thanks. The new title design needs some tweaks, though : Being able to see the note title even when scrolling down in nice though.
  17. I'm afraid an old bug has resurfaced. In 7.6 beta 1, when a note is opened in its own window and the cursor is on the title field, hitting cmd-backspace will send the note to the trash (instead of erasing the title line, as it should).
  18. My pet bug is fixed, so yay, thanks ! However, I must say I am not a fan of the dates appearing outside of the notes (below) in grid view. Unless I'm mistaken before 7.6 they were inside the notes, and it made for a much tidier view. Their color (bright blue) is also quite distracting, especially in dark mode. I am also surprised noone mentioned the new tab interface to switch between Notes and Reminders. I find it strange that Reminders are put on the same level as notes. Personally I would have put them on a popover, but what do I know.
  19. I don't think I've seen it explained anywhere, so I'll point this out : the new "Share" button is hollow (as in your screenshot above) when the note is private (not shared), and turn fully green when the note is shared (either with a public URL, a shared note or a shared notebook). So the button serves two purposes: clicking it shares/unshares a note, but it also serves as a "share indicator", which is useful.
  20. For a few days thumbnails for PDF files within notes have not been appearing in the note list. I see plenty of things like on the attached screenshot -- a big grey file. It is not helpful when searching for a note. It feels line thumbnails eventually appear, maybe once the notes have been through Evernote on my Mac but I can't be sure.
  21. Bugfixes are always welcome, and this update has lots, so thanks. While I'm here, I'll just point out the below bug is still present... (and still annoying!)
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