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  1. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.7

    FWIW this bug is still present in 7.7
  2. In a Card view (Expanded or not), I have a note selected towards the bottom of the list. For instance, the oldest note when sorted by most recent. In other words, the window is scrolled all the way down. When I select a note shown on screen and move it to another notebook (by drag-n-drop, or by Note > Move Note to...), the notes auto-scroll all the way up : as soon as the note is moved, I am shown the most recent notes. Because of this effect I lose the place where I was in the list of note Cards, and I have to find that place again. This makes it very difficult to go through a large notebook and sort its notes into another notebooks efficiently. I would expect the correct behavior would be to maintain the place in the list of note Cards when moving one of the notes. I think this correct behavior is the one implemented in snippet view, side list view and top list vewi.
  3. Great to hear! Thanks to you.
  4. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 3

    This bug is still present in beta 3 to sum up: cmd-backspace deletes the note when the cursor is in the title field of a note opened in its own window (I'm in expanded card view)
  5. Vincent Noel

    Mac 7.6 Beta 2

    I believe the "cmd-backspace deletes the note when in the title field of a note opened in its own window" bug is fixed, so thanks. The new title design needs some tweaks, though : Being able to see the note title even when scrolling down in nice though.
  6. Vincent Noel

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    I'm afraid an old bug has resurfaced. In 7.6 beta 1, when a note is opened in its own window and the cursor is on the title field, hitting cmd-backspace will send the note to the trash (instead of erasing the title line, as it should).
  7. Vincent Noel

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    My pet bug is fixed, so yay, thanks ! However, I must say I am not a fan of the dates appearing outside of the notes (below) in grid view. Unless I'm mistaken before 7.6 they were inside the notes, and it made for a much tidier view. Their color (bright blue) is also quite distracting, especially in dark mode. I am also surprised noone mentioned the new tab interface to switch between Notes and Reminders. I find it strange that Reminders are put on the same level as notes. Personally I would have put them on a popover, but what do I know.
  8. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 GA

    This bug is fixed in the 7.6 beta 1.
  9. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    I don't think I've seen it explained anywhere, so I'll point this out : the new "Share" button is hollow (as in your screenshot above) when the note is private (not shared), and turn fully green when the note is shared (either with a public URL, a shared note or a shared notebook). So the button serves two purposes: clicking it shares/unshares a note, but it also serves as a "share indicator", which is useful.
  10. Vincent Noel

    ANSWERED Bug: PDF thumbnails missing in note list

    For a few days thumbnails for PDF files within notes have not been appearing in the note list. I see plenty of things like on the attached screenshot -- a big grey file. It is not helpful when searching for a note. It feels line thumbnails eventually appear, maybe once the notes have been through Evernote on my Mac but I can't be sure.
  11. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.5 Beta 2

    Bugfixes are always welcome, and this update has lots, so thanks. While I'm here, I'll just point out the below bug is still present... (and still annoying!)
  12. This is a very good suggestion. If implemented, the widget could be used as a "quickly add something to evernote" without taking so much space. I personally do not use the widget because I only find the buttons useful and to see them recent notes must be shown as well, taking lots of space.
  13. Vincent Noel

    Longer Viewable File Names for Inline Attachments

    Agree. I often cannot find the right file when there are several similar files in a note because of this. And there is a lot of space.
  14. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 3

    Also this. This is very useful. I like the look. It's very similar to the new web UI and the recent iOS design updates. I guess this look will propagate through the Mac app eventually, which is fine with me
  15. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 3

    Woohoo! Thanks.
  16. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for iOS 8.14 Released

    The design updates look very very serious. Overall I think they go in the right direction, but maybe too much contrasty black/white.
  17. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 2

    I'd like to report a bug in 7.3 beta 2: If I switch to Expanded Card View, close the window, then click on the Evernote icon in the Dock, Evernote switches to the regular Card View on its own. I always use Evernote in Expanded Card View, so this is a bit bothersome ?
  18. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 1

    Wow, lots of fixes, nice. Thanks! My pet bug is not fixed though
  19. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Yep, me too, it looks quite nice ?
  20. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Does anyone know what these release notes mean? I've updated evernote on my iphone SE and my ipad pro and can't see any difference with previous versions. I don't see any of the described changes to reminders, icons for tags, etc.
  21. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Thanks guys! I guess these changes are limited to non-SE iphones. Or maybe they are enabled for a subset of users.
  22. Vincent Noel

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    Two comments: I like the Mac UI, so I like this new web UI that mirrors the Mac UI almost perfectly. It's an obvious upgrade from the previous version. I am concerned this new web UI only includes the "Snippet View" for the notes list. I mostly use Evernote for its "Expanded Card View" that I find much easier to parse visually than the usual lists that almost all notes app include. I hope its absence from the web UI does not mean Evernote plans to remove it from the Mac app...
  23. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 GA

    A little suggestion: when you've fixed a bug that led to lost data, please refrain from making jokes about it in the release notes. People affected by that bug having lost data might not appreciate the humor. Something else I've found: when I go to preferences, select "Software Update" and click on "Go to Mac Forum..." at the bottom, I get an error page.
  24. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    In Evernote iOS, from within a note, tap the silhouette top right, then tap "More sharing options" at the bottom. A menu will show up, the first option is "Copy internal link". Apparently no public link is created until you tap "Shareable link off" to turn it on.
  25. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    Those are real improvements, thanks! This release fixed the bullet problem I reported here