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  1. I think Evernote company had a wrong step for their business. Since 10 version, they have killed a native version of mac app and switched to WebView (electron js). May be I'm wrong, but they also killed native iOS version.
  2. My problem was SOLVED. I've just rename stack from "1.Something" to "1_Something". It's crazy guys... WHY iOS app doesn't support DOT "." in the STACK NAME ???!!! Why it's too difficult ??!!
  3. I have latest version from AppStore 10.0.4 What I did: 1. Complete uninstall Evernote. 2. Reboot iPhone. 3. Rename stacks, it contains ".". Now, what I had: Left menu still hasn't work - THERE ARE NOT ANY Notebooks AT ALL. BUT IN THIS PLACE I SEE: WHAT I SEE IN MAC VERSION:
  4. GUYS! Left menu hasn't work correctly yet!!! I've been paying you since 2009. PLEASE HIRE QA !!!!!!! YOU WILL lose your client !!!!!
  5. Left menu doesn't work correctly. Notebooks are not displayed correctly. I see empty space. Version is 10.0.4 (iOS app)
  6. I have the same issue: There is empty space between notebooks and I don't see some notebooks. iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 13.7
  7. I'have the same problem. My region is Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I can't login at all (iOS app, web -safari & chrome) But if I use VPN, everything works fine! I think that main reason could be backend filter (flud/api protection) or ddos protection on the Evernote server side.
  8. EN start buying paid review in the AppStore.... I don't understand it. Company doing really strange things. https://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/app/evernote/reviews/?start_date=2017-01-12&end_date=2017-02-11
  9. Guys, please don't lie anymore about performance. Just read comments in the AppStore. Your new version 8.0.X has 1+ rating (more than 4000 people voted). You've completely ruined performance.
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