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  1. Tap the share icon in Safari, tap Evernote, save to a notebook. Sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't. Have tried closing/reopening the app, pull down to refresh, waiting for a few mins.
  2. Currently there's no way to note down your thoughts on when sharing/saving to EN via iOS share context. Having a remarks field, much like the web clipper, will enable us to note down our thoughts about the note being shared/saved. I think it is absolutely important cause most times we dump lots of notes into the Inbox and when you come back again, you lost the moment and inspiration without the notes.
  3. Bought goodnotes 5. I'm hoping EN will move into the hand taken notes arena too. Though at the moment, it might be a good thing that there're 2 separate app so I can use one for work and keep the other for personal stuffs.
  4. One of the features I tried using recently is to share a podcast to Evernote. However the only options available are which Notebook to save to and what tags to use. I think it's essential to have a free text field to capture our thoughts and the reason for clipping it to EN in the first place, just like the web clipper's remarks field.
  5. I'm on Plus, any idea I can get back to plus after 1 year of premium? I don't see them offering Plus tier anymore.
  6. I have this problem too. Refreshing the page seem to solve it. It messes up some formatting though. Mac client is working fine. *edit: No actually mac client messed up the formatting too. Probably something with that note.
  7. Trying to highlight text in iOS but I don't see the highlight feature? Did they remove it?
  8. I typically store all notes in Inbox before sorting them with EN Mac. I suspect moving multiple notes from the app, disrupted the sync on EN iOS. For instance, moving a set of notes to notebook A, it's reflected in the Mac and Web, but iOS still shows under as under Inbox. Tried to delete the note from iOS (under Inbox), but it actually removed the note from notebook A. Does anyone have this issue? I'm manually moving the notes from iOS Inbox to the notebooks one at a time currently for those that were stuck.
  9. Cool seems to be working for me.
  10. Thanks for looking into it. Thought this should be useful. Not all sites I found has problems though quite a number of them have the problem. This is one that has the problem: https://www.techinasia.com/grab-responds-micab It works if I clip it as a Simplified Article, but throws an error in the console when clipping as an Article with the Chrome extension, and it just hang at Saving Clip. Works well with Safari which is the workaround I'm using now, but its a hassle cause I don't use Safari primarily.
  11. How do you do it? Just tried and it's still failing. My system: Chrome: Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) ENC: Version: MacOS: 10.13.6 Just updated to Chrome: Version 68.0.3440.75 (Official Build) (64-bit), still having the error. Do you have any ad blockers? I have, but it shouldn't be a problem since it has been working for so long before. I could clip certain sites though probably 90% fails.
  12. Still no fix? Example article that can't be clipped https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/brain-gain-a-person-can-instantly-blossom-into-a-savant-and-no-one-knows-why/
  13. Having the same problem with Chrome. There's an error while clipping: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/115147-webclipper-issues-on-chrome/?do=findComment&comment=511587
  14. I realise clipper is taking forever to save. Checked the console and found there's an error. Please fix asap. Version: For those who needs to clip stuff urgently, safari is working for me.
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