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  1. I, too, am shocked that Evernote for Mac can't perform something so common as an exact phrase search. This massive shortcoming seriously reduces the value that Evernote has to offer. Is there a way to find out if anyone is working on this, or if Evernote is even aware of the problem?
  2. I can't annotate anything. I can't even edit the first page of any document as some of you can. The annotation page opens upon clicking the annotation button, but the annotation tools don't replace the mouse pointer (as they should) when I click on them. Quite frustrating since I rely on Evernote annotation capabilities to perform my professional obligations. It's nice to read that other people have the same problem, but we need a solution!
  3. It would be extremely helpful to be able highlight/mark text on Evernote for iPhone and iPad. I am actually quite shocked this feature doesn't already exist. If it does currently exist, please feel free to make fun of me for not being able to find the feature within the app.
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