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  1. I find that I have to use the desktop app every so often. For one, it's faster at changing text formatting thanks to the mouse. The iOS app lacks the ability to merge multiple notes and you also can't select multiple notes. The recent move to v10 is supposed to be something which allows Evernote to unify all the platforms and their functions. Fingers crossed.
  2. I’m in the beta program on another iOS device but the latest version available there is 10.7….so I can’t check if a 10.9.1 or a 10.10 fixes it. At least home picture banner changes “stick” now.
  3. Drat, support said that they’d fixed this in the next version when I flagged it.
  4. Works fine on a MacBook Pro mid 2012 👍🏻
  5. If I delete a note it briefly disappears and then reappears in the 'All Notes' section but the notebook has changed from whichever one it was in to 'trash'. Is there a way to stop 'All Notes' showing what is in the trash?
  6. I'm running 10.8.2 and any change of the home screen background image doesn't 'stick'. Also, scrolling produces horrible "redraws" on all pictures or note titles. Both issues flagged to the support team but if others have the same please let them know.
  7. I emailed the team with my receipt email when this happened to me. They contacted me in 3hrs confirming they'd fixed it and upped my upload limit to 20GB for one month to say sorry. Brilliant help!
  8. I've raised a ticket with them on Twitter and have sent them a screen recording of it. I do get a bit frustrated that we are paying to beta test some functionality. Don't even start me on the fact that I've paid for 6 months of Premium and haven't had the long promised "Coming Back Soon - Apple Watch support".
  9. Yes, it goes through the motions but doesn’t stick the landing
  10. As far as exporting to an Apple ecosystem, Bear is a good option with the apple CloudKit behind it and good export options.
  11. The support team have confirmed that this is a known issue which is to be fixed in an update. Hopefully an x.x.1 update rather than an x.1 which always take longer.
  12. That is one area where Apple haven't caught up. Their export function is getting a user to laboriously copy and paste really. I use Apple devices mostly but I've got an Evernote account as it was the service back in the day. There are others which have caught up, like Apple Notes, in terms of regular use but Evernote is still in front with search, result highlighting, OCR and web functionality. After a couple of stagnant years, it feels as if EN is finally innovating again.
  13. Is this in the iOS iCloud settings? Mine is automatically switched on but looking at my iCloud storage there is nothing being stored there. I am guessing it is so you can add documents from your iCloud drive?
  14. I've been moving back and forward from EN to Apple Notes, Bear, OneNote and Day One for almost two years. Evernote is still the best overall. Apple Notes is a very close second but the web clipper for EN is a massively underrated. With Covid bringing about a lot of working from home, Evernote has been amazing for keeping me organised at work and at home with a home extension. Not wanting to use paperwork in the office for Covid hygiene reasons now, Evernote on my laptop and iPhone which can be easily wiped down is brilliant.
  15. No service lasts forever, but the good services provide easy exit routes. Evernote has the .enex file exports which are easily imported to Apple Notes etc. They have good export options and so I don't feel locked in. I've been trying Bear, Apple Notes, One Note and Day One for the past two years alongside Evernote and the elephant still seems to be the best. Apple Notes is probably the closest to Evernote these days as it really has come on leaps and bounds. For all that Apple touts their privacy and encryption, they have the same at rest encryption on their servers that Evernote does and the same type of in transit encryption that Evernote does. Google have closed many apps and services but nobody really speculates about their longevity. Same with Microsoft closing services and retiring older app versions. At least Evernote have their legacy apps for power users that need features not currently found in v10. For me, an average user across 4 platforms for home and work, v10 is great and the innovation speed at Evernote is far better now.
  16. Is anybody else seeing horrible jumping on picture previews when you scroll on the new 'home' page on iOS? As soon as you stop scrolling everything settles down but scroll even a pixel and its like the picture previews are fully redrawn.
  17. It would be nice to have the Apple Pencil integration in Evernote use the tool palette from the Apple Pencilkit API, but I wonder if that would cause interoperability issues with non-Apple platforms. I'm not a fan of the PDF markup tools either, but they 'do'.
  18. Whilst I don't have one of those devices, I don't believe it will have any impact on the scanning quality or speed. LIDAR is all to do with distance and depth measurements so scanning a picture, document, whiteboard etc is scanning a flat surface. Those devices with LIDAR capabilities tend to be newer and have faster processors so I suppose that and the newer camera optics will be the only influences on speed and quality of the scans. I have to say that the scanning inside the Evernote app is a heck of a lot faster than it was before. I think they've done a lot of work under the hood.
  19. v10 has been ok for me. I'm by no means a power user running Applescripts etc, but it's been really good. I do miss some functions like Apple Watch integration, but I'm more than happy to do without them whilst they rewrote everything on a more stable and futureproof platform. The new platform will allow the Evernote devs to innovate once again. Short term pain for long term gain.
  20. The iOS app has got more features due to return soon so I’m staying put. V10 has been ok for me. The Windows version has been pretty good and the web client is excellent. If v10 on Mac/PC isn’t working for you then I’d encourage users to download the legacy version. It’s a difficult transition for the developers and users but ultimately it will be worth it.
  21. In the past 12 months I’ve moved my notes out of Evernote into all of the following multiple times: Notion, OneNote, Apple Notes, Bear and Day One. All have their benefits and detractors but none could replace Evernote totally. The only app I’ve kept stocked with my notes during that time is Evernote. It is a perfect balance of form and function. It can do heavy lifting but is great for small notes too. The new v10 has a really nice UI which I’ve been experiencing on the web betas for over 12 months. There are some old functions which are missing, but we know they are coming back. There are also new features coming now that the developers can innovate once again thanks to the new unified code base.
  22. Yeah, this is one of the things which lets Apple Notes down a bit. It can be done, but it is a case of copying and pasting each item of text and each file one at a time...a heck of a faff frankly.
  23. I'm mainly an iOS and iPadOS user with occasional forays into the Windows and Web clients. Yes, there are features missing which we loved and used before, but Evernote was up front about that and that they have confirmed they're bringing features back once they have migrated the code base for those functions. The only things I am really missing are Apple Watch support and iOS/iPadOS 14 shortcuts API support. There are also features we have never had before which Ian Small and the team have said will be coming in the next 6 months. This is good news as we can agree there has been no innovative new feature for a good 2 years now. The new code base is allow the developers to actually develop instead of patching and transposing. For me, I'm seeing the new Evernote apps as the first step on a new journey. Some of the 'places' on the way will be familiar features as they return to the app and some of them will be brand new features. If the latest Mac/WIndows version doesn't do it for you, they still have the older 'legacy' versions available. This is the same as they have done with the web client for over 12 months. The functionality is still there if you require it. For iOS/iPadOS users, the legacy version isn't available because Apple doesn't allow developers to have older app versions available in the App Store if your OS can take the latest version. So a lack of 'rollback' on that platform isn't the fault of Evernote. V10 is a work in progress building from a new stronger and more flexible foundation. Stick with it.
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