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  1. Exactly. We're not beta-testers. Obviously Pink is at the very least biased, and probably "involved" with the company in some way. Marketing/brand promotion or otherwise why have so many posts on this forum defending Evernote's mishaps and incompetence?
  2. I am a paying customer and have been for many years. The reason I stay is because there is nothing better out there, without some major limitations, sadly. I'm not sure why. It doesn't take away from the fact that Evernote does kinda suck. It only has to do a few things, it's not some complex graphic intensive software. It just has to handle basic things like Copy/Paste, and a few shortcuts, and it can't even handle that. Just look at all the people having issues with the latest "update": Certain Shortcuts Not Working - Evernote for Windows Issues (Versions 10.0 and above) - Evernote User Forum I also discovered Ctrl + B doesn't work on my Windows laptop. I could give them some slack if these issues only happened on one platform, but they seem to happen across platforms. So they really do need better coders, and I can say that with 100% confidence because I'm paying for a simple service and I need simple & accurate results. I'm not paying for a program that lists X amount of features to realize a portion of them don't work correctly. If I lease a car, I'm not paying for the radio to be broken and the left passenger window to not work. Yes, the overall "machine" works, but it's flawed. Shortcuts not working and glitches are to be expected in versions 0.x - 1.x, not 10.x... This is pathetic.
  3. Nothing works the way it’s supposed to. I’ve used Evernote for years and it never really got better. examples: 1. On my iPad, Evernote randomly loses my place in the note and takes me back to the beginning. 2. On my iPad, sometimes when I select text I want to format with a different color, when I select the color I want, the screen glitches and it takes me to another section, and the wrong text is selected and formatted. I have to undo this change and go back to where I was before. 3. On my Mac, Command + V doesn’t work for paste. No shortcuts work. I have to use the mouse. 4. many more I can’t think of. For a while I would get errors trying to paste images. I feel like these should not be issues. It doesn’t help that they have basically no customer service, just email, which is a waste of time. The moment something more reliable with similar features appears, I’m switching. These guys need better coders.
  4. This happens across 3 computers, both with Mac and Windows. Ever 30 seconds or so, as I'm working on a note, I get this error. I have to reload the note and scroll all the way down to the bottom. I almost always have parts of the note missing that I have to redo. This has been happening for a long time, possibly for years. What is causing this issue and how come Evernote won't fix it???
  5. I constantly get this error message on Windows 10, using the application. I've had this problem for years, and across the Mac and Windows PC platforms. I'm not sure how the software can be so poorly written. I get this message ever minute while I'm working. I have to reload the note, scroll all the way to the bottom and re-do what was lost. It's time consuming and frustrating. I will leave Evernote if this doesn't get solved. Step your game up Evernote, stop being so lazy.
  6. It would be great if there was a function that would disable all editing of a note. I use my old iPad2 to scroll through my notes, and occasionally the iPad will think that I want to edit the note, and since the iPad2 is laggy, my finger movements to scroll will be interpreted as to edit and then things will get deleted. I have had images be replaced by text, paragraphs by spaces, etc. Many of us I'm sure would appreciate being able to lock the notes for use on mobile devices, where we are not trying to edit anything but just simply want to view. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, it's kind of a bummer. I am in the process of transferring all my notes to Apple's Notes - but - I have to split some of my Evernote notes into 5 different Note notes because of the size limitation. I use a lot of pictures in my notes. There doesn't seem to be an alternative note taking app that is on both Mac & PC and does everything Evernote does. I spoke to a couple of support people at Evernote and they weren't able to help me and just kind of "played dumb" and kept giving me workarounds that don't work, until I gave up.
  8. I used Cmd+F (Ctrl+F) to open the search window so I search only within this particular note, and not all notes.
  9. I'm using my Mac, running latest OS. Thanks for trying to help!
  10. Well, that works, but look at the image at what I'm searching. When searching the phrase "common error", I get "error" by itself as well as "common error". There are instances where I have 200 words to sift through to get to the one I'm looking for. As far as I know, there is no way to tell the search function to search the words together, and only together.
  11. I would like to search phrases and have the results show the entire phrase, not singular words from the phrase. Right now I can't get any search results, because it just highlights every single word within a phrase. Is it possible to search phrases within notes?
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