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  1. If the admins can give a IP address, it will be known if my mail ID is used by someone else or there is some mistake in attribution from evrnote side.. Anyway i changed the password for safety
  2. I didnt post this above problem.. But why is it showing my username? And I came here as I got an email that someone replied to "my post" whch i didnt. See Screenshot below... Is my account on this forum not secure?
  3. since last update on both ipad pro and iphone, the sidebar and full note list scrolling is bugged. Sometimes the cursor goes back to thr first, other times keeps scrolling in an erratic way, going up and down the list, while recaching previews; others simply visibly lags. Anyways, using the app has become a pain. and there’s not a support mail nor ticket for a paid product?
  4. I find retrieval and view easy on Evernote for PDF's on the go (mobile). They look more organized. A clerk keeps updating a (shared) folder on a google drive. I tried to sync it with Evernote Desktop application and 'hoped' to view the PDFs on the mobile phone.
  5. I have a desktop folder which is set to sync to GoogleDrive. (mostly .pdf files and some images). I have now added the same folder to evernote WebClient as "import folder". All the files from this folder are being synced twice to 'evernote' both client and browser version. (each file has a duplicate) Google drive is not affected
  6. Yes I tried and got it.. But the card recognition is nowhere comparable to another app called CC
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