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  1. I am on paid plan of these three services. Discovered that I have a lot of journal notes, those I would like to move to DayOne. I haven't find a smart way to export the notes from Evernote to DayOne. Instead I have tried to use IFTTT. I can't make the Applets to work. https://ifttt.com/applets/db6hKtwG "When you tag an Evernote note with a specific tag, a new Day One journal entry willbe created." Sounds easy enough. I have tagged the notes, created the journal i DayOne. But nothing happens. I have other applets working from IFTTT to DayOne. Thats why I am wondering about Evernote. Is there a problem right now between IFTTT and Evernote? "Does it work for everybody else?"
  2. I have tried everything and nothing works. Can’t use websupport either. According to that I am ’basis’ but I am premium, when it comes to functions I am downgraded to ”personal” and can’t use any of the new functions.
  3. Me and others have lots of problems right now. To be real honest, the ”have you rebooted your computer” kind of advice doesn’t help (I know that you are trying to be helpful) instead I hope that the Evernote staff will solve all this mess. Please Evernote, communicate with us!!
  4. Sorry.. the only good thing, after doing that, was that I got english back, instead of spanish (I am Swedish)
  5. I have the exact same problem. Was premium, now a personal.. and no right to support or live chat.
  6. At this time I am a premium subscriber. I have been a paying Evernote customer since 2008, Now I feel that my interest in Evernote has come to an end. I got a promise from Evernote the cost for being a customer will not raise. But that’s a lie To be able to export out my stuff from Evernote I need to be a ”professional” To use the function ”where in the world was I When I wrote this note” I need to be a ”professional” We have been promised a better search engine. I need to be a professional Still there are many other functions I am missing from the past, not back. I am not amused. I am a ”grandfathered customer” and I still have my Evernote socks and my Evernote Scanner to prove that. I have invested so much time in Evernote. I don’t want the bloatware, I just want to use Evernote the way I have, I was satisfied with that. Still.. does Evernote need the old fanbase?
  7. I can only agree about this matter. I am using my Surface Pro 5 for lots of things. The reason why I bought it in the first place was for the great pen use. Well I sincerly hoped that my second brain Evernote had this built in support. Take a look at OneNote how they have integrated the pen support, and you know what I am trying to say. By the way, I need some new Evernote socks, too.
  8. Hello,I am using the latest version of the Outlook 365 Client. I would like to use Evernote instead of OneNote. But I can't find the software to use in Outlook. On your homepage, you are sending people to App source at Microsoft. At that place, you can find an add on for Outlook webmail. That's not for me.When I search your help page, even more, I find some links about this. You say that I can find what I am looking for at your "webpage" and on one page "at the download page" nowhere is the clipper to be found.Please provide me with a working link for this matter.
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