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  1. P. S. Has anyone done the switch to OneNote? Does the transition go smoothly?
  2. I agree totally with gianlucapalumbo. I hate it when tech companies use their clients as guinea pigs and that's what I feel like. Why do I complain? I have two paid subscriptions. On one of them, I use Evernote to store and find my photos which I use every single day. I found it the best option for locating my pics to use in teaching and in presentations. I update to the latest version yesterday—which one would expect that they would have worked out any kinks. WRONG!!! . In the sidebar, half of my pics show up as default icons—which obliterates the usefulness that I had enjoy previously. In the notes themselves, it turned all my pics into attachments. Not only that, there is only ONE OPTION in the Preferences. You need to fire whoever thought of sending this out now. What were you thinking?
  3. I also want to add my frustratiion with this issue. Finding stuff, in m opinion, is the MAIN benefit of Evernote. Please fix this.
  4. I agree. Evernote should have a simple "export to docx." There's no excuse for lacking this. When I export to html, most of the time Word cannot open it. Says the document must be corrupted. C'mon guys and gals, this is a much-needed addition to Evernote.
  5. I am running Evernote for Mac version 7.2. I have a large graphic as one of my notes. It's a map. The size of the image is 3162 × 1925 pixels. When I go into presentation mode, the screen only shows the top left corner of the image. While I can scroll vertically, there seems to be no way to scroll horizontally. Since Evernote for mac doesn't seem to have the ability to scroll horizontally, can someone tell me what would be the maximum pixel width for presentation mode? Thanks
  6. I'm just reinstalled my Evernote for MAC and am getting the same thing. I can't access my notes because I get the message "Couldnot connect to servor." And like Peter, I do have Internet access. Does anyone have a fix for this? I can't believe this is happening. Evernote has always worked flawlessly for me in the past.
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