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  1. Surprised that this feature has not already been suggested, and wouldn't be to know that someone is already working on it. There here are drop downs for Notebook and Tags when clipping the web - it would be great to add a task as well.
  2. Great solution - thanks. Except for the hundreds of notes with images I webclipped months ago before I was aware of this problem. All the bells and whistles in the world ain't worth spit if EN just randomly torches my work.
  3. When screenshotted images were disappearing from my notes, I looked to see how it was happening and I think I found it. I've replicated this on several occasions, playing close attention to each step. Try it yourselves. Use the Webclipper and save a screenshot into a note. Open the note in the windows version, annotate it. Open a note, upload an image and annotate it. When you open these two notes later, you'll see the image in the first one (made with the webclipper) is gone.
  4. I'm continuing to have the problem as well. Annotating screenshots created from Web Clipper will cause the image to disappear from the note. Annotating screenshots from downloaded images do not disappear. This is easy to replicate, just take an screenshot using Web Clipper to make one note then download a screenshot and upload it into a second note. Annotating the web clipped image will cause it to disappear, annotating the downloaded/uploaded image does not cause it to disappear.
  5. I have experienced this also, screenshot images from Webclipper disappear. (Windows 10.5.7)
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