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  1. Annotate option doesn't open up after mouse right click on image and selecting annotate. Issue persists in 10.7 also. Images do get deleted still.
  2. I feel that Evernote coders are fixing one thing and breaking another. I can see more than 10 things which were working well before and now have become a pain to use. But what can we do as users!
  3. Hey guys, I annotated some images in the newest update 10.5.7 (windows), after few days I noticed that those images are no more there in the note. This happened to all the images. I had to go to note history to find back my images and now I can't annotate anyone to not get them deleted. Also, the mouse right click on an image to go to annotate option is not working. To annotate, I have to click on the edit symbol we see when we click on any image.
  4. +1 If format painter doesn't show up, I may need to switch to some alternative to evernote. It is badly needed in my work.
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