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  1. Android got a dark mode now as well. Seems the new CEO is listening...
  2. Hi Sakhnovskiy and welcome to the forum. I guess IFTTT can't handle the letters (kyrillic?). I remember that it had some problems with German letters (Umlaute, ß) as well. Have you tried the script with "standard" English letters? Cheers Alex
  3. @DTLow Thanks for sharing your setup. I too would be interested in a post in which you would describe everything in more detail. One question : do you haye a 'waiting for' tag/mechanism? I.e. something marking a task that can only be done after some one else did something (e.g. one is waiting for an email of someone). @Mike McGowan You might want to check out filterize.net, a service which let's you automate some things including reminders - maybe you could use it for bulk updating. Cheers Alex
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. Just to be sure: You are using Evernote's app-widget, not the old separate widget (see attachment), right? I'm using a Note 8 and Nova launcher (though 5.5.4 Prime) as welll, the widget works. Have your tried reinstalling Nova? Cheers, Alex Edit1: A google search brought up a topic on xda-developers, it seems that Nova might have a problem with "agenda" widgets.
  5. For me, it says 'not available in your country' (which is Germany). Cheers Alex
  6. Hi, I assume he means using different colors of ink in regards to the handwriting feature (since the title mentions the Note 8). Nevertheless, you are right in that there is no way to do it. The only solution would be to write a note in a third party app (e.g. Samsung notes) and share it with evernote. Cheers Alex
  7. Thanks! I have the same issue, it annoys me a lot when the box disappears after typing space. Maybe about more attention will lead to a fix. Cheers Alex
  8. Hi, Note 8 User here. If you are talking about the automatic sync between Samsung notes (screen off memos) and Evernote, there's a thread about that. It won't work. The old s note app supposedly still syncs automatically Samsung notes should however be able to sync manually with Evernote via export (pdf/picture...). Cheers Alex
  9. I'm flirting with a similar solution (but probably Sasmung S3 / Tab A w/ S-pen) for a couple of months. Couldn't convince myself yet to spend the extra $$. I can relate to your request. When I bought the Note 8, I hoped for a simliar workflow as well. Best I came up with was to use bxactions, which let's you reconfigurate the bixby button to trigger certain actions (such as opening a handwriting note in Evernote). It works from the lockscreen, but is unable to unlock it. Thus, you'd have to unlock it manually, which -for me- is more complicated than using screen off memo. Maybe you should give it a try - you'd replace tapping the handwriting icon with pressing the bixby button and it is faster since the Evernote interface loads while your lockscreen is still on. Alternatively, there seems to be a way to have tasker/autoinput trigger an action when the spen is taken out of the phone. I couldn't make it work properly though. Cheers Alex
  10. Hi, I like your ideas; depending on the exact funtionality of the new s-pen, one might be able to achieve similar results with Tasker. However, I wouldn't hope for too much. Handwriting doesn't seem to be high on the Evernote priority list, since the experience is still laggy although it was mentioned here a couple of times. I'm a fellow Note 8 user, do you use the handwriting feature in Evernote (not the screen off / Samsung Note feature) regularly? I barely use it due to its lag and the fact that taking a screen off memo is way faster. And since those don't sync with Evernote anymore (thanks Samsung!), handwriting in Evernote is unattractive for me. Cheers Alex
  11. You could save a search that searches for uncompleted reminders (and your tag) and show that saved search in the widget. Cheers
  12. The new design is neat, but the countdown (on twitter) and the posts are a bit over the top. I too hoped for improvements in functionality (handwriting in android is still laggy; dark mode would be great etc.). Cheers
  13. Hi, On the right side of the reminders is the menu icon, you can uncheck the second box, it will then not show future reminders anymore. Maybe that helps? Cheers Alex
  14. Hi, you can see a saved search on Android as well, either in the app or as a widget - I use this as a dynamic to do list. Cheers Alex
  15. Hi DTLow, Sorry if I expressed myself unclearly. What I meant was that with citavi, I have the option in word to insert the citation of the text as a footnote, the form of the citation being related to what kind of text (e.g. article, judgment etc.) it is. Meaning the citation of the text is the same throughout the document and I can change it later as well. It's a bit off-topic, check out a description of citavi if I am still unclear. Cheers Alex
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