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  1. Yep, those are the symptoms. Let's hope they'll get fixed soon.
  2. Update didn't help. Workaround by @Vrykolas(thanks for your help) doesn't work for me either. Evernote told me they know the issue and will fix it 'in an upcoming version' Cheers Alex (maybe the multiple threads on this topic should be merged?)
  3. Clearing cache etc doesn't work for me either. Do your saved searches work?
  4. I opened a ticket with Evernote support. After 4 days, 9 emails and 3 different contact persons, evernote told me: 'We're currently aware of this issue and working on a fix that will be in an upcoming release. You'll receive an in-app message when the next update is available. Additionally, you can always select Help>Check for Updates.' Cheers Alex
  5. Evernote version: 8.9(1082813) Evernote revision: 8.9_2464 Evernote type: public I guess that's not beta.
  6. When I first read this and implemented (i.e. stole) it, it changed the way I use Evernote. Really like Android's widget displaying that (dynamic) saved search = my todo list. Thanks for the input!
  7. Wow. I had the search issue as well, deinstalled/left beta, everything worked fine. A few days later, I got an automatic update, thinking it was the normal - non beta version. Search ist broken again. After I read your post, I checked the app version - 8.9. Seems to be the same beta for non beta users problem?! Edit:8.9 seems to be public. Does that mean the known bug from beta was simply released despite the complaints in this forum?
  8. Is it just me or is the add on for the android app painfully slow? It takes a good 3 seconds to load the options after I clicked the elephant.
  9. Same problem with Note 8 after the update (non-beta). Cheers Alex
  10. Android got a dark mode now as well. Seems the new CEO is listening...
  11. Hi Sakhnovskiy and welcome to the forum. I guess IFTTT can't handle the letters (kyrillic?). I remember that it had some problems with German letters (Umlaute, ß) as well. Have you tried the script with "standard" English letters? Cheers Alex
  12. @DTLow Thanks for sharing your setup. I too would be interested in a post in which you would describe everything in more detail. One question : do you haye a 'waiting for' tag/mechanism? I.e. something marking a task that can only be done after some one else did something (e.g. one is waiting for an email of someone). @Mike McGowan You might want to check out filterize.net, a service which let's you automate some things including reminders - maybe you could use it for bulk updating. Cheers Alex
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum. Just to be sure: You are using Evernote's app-widget, not the old separate widget (see attachment), right? I'm using a Note 8 and Nova launcher (though 5.5.4 Prime) as welll, the widget works. Have your tried reinstalling Nova? Cheers, Alex Edit1: A google search brought up a topic on xda-developers, it seems that Nova might have a problem with "agenda" widgets.
  14. For me, it says 'not available in your country' (which is Germany). Cheers Alex
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