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  1. Indirect solution that seems to work is the use of Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook which apparently can process and successfully save the same emails which are being rejected with normal forward to an Evernote email function.
  2. Hello, No, in my case emails are directly forwarded either from Outlook or Gmail. The problems seems to appear mainly for more complex emails (long conversations with multiple users + attachments etc., not necessarily large in size) although up till now I did not find direct correlation. I have started to experience that problem around the time that I have updated Evernote to the latest version. What puzzles me is that message from Evernote's servers suggesting that the problem occurs on their servers.
  3. Hi For the last couple of days some of my emails forwarded to Evernote (with a premium account) are rejected - with a retour email message from evernote saying that due do an internal error the message was not processed and I should re-send it later (see picture below - in Dutch). Re-sending does not work. This is becoming quite of a problem for me as I use that feature a lot (and it used to work like a charm in the past)- has anybody else experience this kind of problem? Regards, Piotr
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